10 Mar 2023

Sika Valmé – Vini Vini

Sika Valmé, a contemporary Creole-Canadian musician and illustrator, is making waves in the music industry with her latest single “Vini Vini“. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sika is currently based in Montreal but resides in Mexico City. This songwriter’s music is a celebration of her heritage and her journey as an artist. She released her first EP, “Colour Your Walls” in 2021, which features a mix of jazz, soul, and Caribbean rhythms. Her music is a fusion of different cultures and genres, including Haitian Creole, jazz, and soul.

Her song “Vini Vini“, released on March 2nd, is a single from her second 6-track EP titled “Erosion Eksperyans“. The song title means “Come Come” or “Cum Cum” in Haitian Creole, and according to the singer, “it tells the story of an invitation to partake in the sweetness of sensual pleasures of a warm day and courting someone. It’s a feel-good song that embodies self-confidence and positive vibes.” Sika says this track is different from her previous releases in that it “features a queer perspective in the lyrics”. She also explains that it is one of the two tracks from the EP that she fully wrote on the guitar and includes the saxophone by her friend Buyu Ambroise, a Haitian and NY-based collaborator. She says, “the song encourages the listener to move and is based on grooves.” In a recent interview, Sika said that her music is about creating bridges and exploring different cultures. She believes that music has the power to unite people and bring them together.

This independent artist teamed up with LyricVids to create a professional lyric video to accompany the release of her new song. When asked why she chose a lyric video, Sika said, “With education and social conscience as an important part of my work, the media of lyric video allowed me to share culture and related aesthetics in a way that is intentional. The lyrics in ‘Vini Vini’ combine English with Haitian Creole, and a lot of people love the song and often ask me about the lyrics. And so I decided to do a two-in-one in a way that is both engaging and meaningful.” The lyric video for her track showcases tropical fruits, warm climate landscapes, and elements of the Haitian Creole language and culture. Sika explains that the video “represents the pleasure of the song but not literally. Instead, it introduces the Haitian Creole language and culture to a contemporary audience in the North.” 

Sika’s lyric video for “Vini Vini” is a stunning visual representation of the song’s message and cultural influences that evoke a sense of warmth and joy. The creative direction is a blend of Sika’s expertise as well as our Creative Director, Jess Robert. Sika explained that choosing the style of animation was a “fun way for her to maintain a branding style of her own while displaying elements of her lifestyle, inspirations, and some of her artwork.” She added, “In addition to doing stage performances, placing my music and my art under one roof allows me to design impactful workshops and conferences addressed to a wide modern audience of various cultural backgrounds.” The lyrics in the video are displayed in bold and colourful typography that pops against the lush and vibrant backgrounds. The use of English and Haitian Creole in the lyrics adds to the video’s authenticity and cultural significance, making it an excellent way for viewers to learn more about the artist’s background and heritage.

Sika’s favourite part of the “Vini Vini” music video is “the Mango Moon that opens the first verse. It illustrates a sort of moonlight energy that resonates throughout the song, and literally in the lyrics. The mango moon symbol also shines the light coming from a specific variety of mango to a new audience – that mango is known as “mango fil” in Haitian Creole. It’s similar to the Pico or the Ivory kinds of mango found in the tropics. The “mango fil” was present in my childhood growing up in the French Caribbean. Fun fact, the mango moon echoes with another song of mine called ‘Mango’ and the animation video I did for it.

Overall, “Vini Vini” is a testament to Sika Valmé’s talent as a musician and illustrator. Her music is a celebration of her roots and her journey as an artist, and her song is a shining example of that. With the combination of her music and the lyric video created by LyricVids, we can’t think of a more perfect way to experience her art and message simultaneously. What’s next for Sika? She says, “next are the presentations of tailored events, workshops, performances, and immersive sessions that are related to my latest body of audio/visual work called “Erosion Eksperyans”. I am interested in collaborating with brands, venues, festivals, summits, individuals, and organizations which forward culture, and innovation.” You can follow her across all social media and music streaming platforms:

IG: @sikavalme // FB: @sikavalme // www.sikavalme.com

Check out the lyric video for “Vini Vini” on YouTube Here:

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