Anthony Craparotta, President

Anthony's background is split between the music industry & the advertising business. A lifelong musician turned account executive, he's the perfect mix of creative design and business strategy. Anthony is a founding partner of the company.

Anthony loves to travel the world, he's been to many, many countries through the years. His favorite city to visit is Barcelona. He's also a huge fan of Jazz music.

Jess Robert, Creative Director

In addition to leading the creative vision of the company, Jess also directs the animation and production process of each video. She's uniquely diverse in her ability to bounce between genres and aesthetics at the highest level. Jess is a founding partner of the company.

Jess is a die-hard Jurassic Park fan. She collects the original toys from the 90's movie release and displays them in her office. She also loves riding horses.

Graeme Ring, Lead Animator

Graeme is the most experienced animator on the LyricVids team. His knowledge of animation has greatly improved the quality of work coming out of the studio and he's always teaching the team new tips and tricks.

Graeme is a major Star Wars fan. He's currently building an accurate Boba Fett costume from molds of the original wardrobe.

Krisi Dunn, Operations Manager

Krisi is the Operations Manager at the office but this doesn't quite cover her multifaceted role at LyricVids. She's the vibrant energy behind our sales and customer service, she runs the blog and socials and also works on many of the videos themselves!

Krisi loves everything 90's. From watching Pauly Shore movies to singing along to throwback dance music from that era. She's also a proud mom.

Nate Langdon, Animator

Nate is the youngest member of the team. He brings such passion and energy to his work and he's produced some of the most impressive videos in the company repertoire.

Nate loves music and retro anime cartoons. His favorite anime films are "Akira" and "Ghost In The Shell".

Cali + Connor, Office Pups

Cali can typically be found sleeping under Jessica's desk providing comfort and inspiration. While Connor is usually roaming the office and property in search of adventure.

Both Cali and Connor love treats and visiting the different team members to receive scratches and pets.