25 Feb 2022

Demun Jones & The Lacs – Raised Right

Country music has played a major role in the overall culture of Georgia and the Georgians have had an equal impact in the history of Country music as a whole. From Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Trisha Yearwood to Jason Aldean, Sugarland and Florida Georgia Line, it goes without saying that some of the best of the best hail from the Peach State. Country rap is one of the newest fusion genres leading the charts blending elements from both country music and hip-hop and the “Southern SonDemun Jones is at it again with the release of his newest single “Raised Right” featuring The Lacs. If the official music video for the track wasn’t enough, they put out a professional lyric video to complete the package release, exciting new and existing fans alike.

From the heart of the state, Demun Jones grew up in Jones County, Georgia where it doesn’t get much more country than that. A self made artist with a skillset combining that of lyricism, guitar and vocals, he’s a new breed in the genre to say the least. Growing up around an eclectic family, he finds inspiration from bands like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to the late greats of Motown as well as the likes of N.W.A. He began his music career in 2014 with the release of his debut album “Jones County”. He then rose into prominence as a contestant of Season 6 of XVoice with the motto “Music is Magic”, catching the eyes and ears of fans around the world. In 2018, he released the album “Jones In Ya Speaker” featuring the hit song “Campfire Cologne”, a collaboration with fellow country rapper, Ryan Upchurch. Currently the song has been streamed over 25 million times on Spotify and the music video garnering over 22 million views. Demun Jones has a pretty sizable catalog of music and a fan base that seems to be growing even faster.

In January, Demun Jones teamed up with fellow Georgia boys, The Lacs for their newest hit single “Raised Right” along with an official music video release for the track. With over a million views in such a short period of time and a heap of fan made lyric videos, they released the official “Raised Right” lyric video on February 10th, the final installment to what is the holy trinity of song releases (Song, Music Video and Lyric Video). Regarding the meaning behind the new song Jones says “The further I grow into being an adult and a parent the more grateful I am for my upbringing. There are so many things in modern culture that push young people in a negative direction that I feel it’s more important that I push them in a positive direction.” He says “The sound of it is definitely unique. I’m not what one would consider a great singer but I can sing a bit. A lot of my songs are about living in middle Georgia and the things that come with that. I just take it upon myself to come up with as many creative musical ways To represent Kuntry Livin’.”

I think this video sets that tone perfectly, featuring footage that is exclusively Georgian including shots of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge, the Savannah and the Chattahoochee River, Piedmont Park as well as other stunning state scenescapes. The visuals don a soft palette overlay, showcasing more of the neutral tones similar to that of the single cover art. We know how much his two little girls mean to Jones so we made a point to pay homage to them when he says “The same kind of blessing for both of my baby girls in this crazy world” and showed a vintage playground where two empty swings swayed back and forth.

When we asked him why he chose a lyric video he said “The song is very meaningful and a lot of effort was put into the words of the song. Not to mention many messages from fans asking about this line or that line. I wanted to show them exactly what it says so there is no question what the meaning is.” The fans (new and old) want to be able to learn the lyrics and sing along so naturally without an official lyric video, viewers will have to search up the lyrics online or resort to alternative fan made videos which risks them learning the wrong lyrics all together. Having lyric videos as an option on your YouTube channel will keep the fans coming back for future songs. The more familiar the fans are to the songs, the more likely they will be able to sing along at live shows as well! 

Up next for country rapper Demun Jones, he says “I have shows starting back up the first week of March in Colorado and Wyoming then in Florida and Alabama then in North Carolina and Georgia and so on and so on I have five or six more singles/videos to release this year and possibly an album by or before Thanksgiving.” You can follow Demun Jones on all social media and music streaming platforms @demunjones.

Check out the lyric video for Demun Jones’ ‘Raised Right‘ [LyricVids Standard] on YouTube here:

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