4 Jun 2024

Throw The Fight – While You’re At It

Throw The Fight, a hard-hitting metal band from Minneapolis, has been delivering powerful music since their formation in 2003. Comprised of members, Kade Kastelitz (vocals), Ryan Baustert (guitar), Kris Weiser (guitar), and Jeff Baustert (drums), the band is known for their intense energy and emotive lyrics. Their latest release is a cover of Jessie Murph’s poignant track “While You’re At It” a song originally released by Murph that quickly resonated with fans for its raw emotion and candid storytelling.

In a strategic and creative move, Throw The Fight collaborated with LyricVids.com to create a lyric video that not only highlights the song’s powerful lyrics but also brings the album cover to life with stunning visuals. The lyric video uses the same bold, Gothic font as seen on the album cover, maintaining brand cohesiveness. The visual elements include a human heart, lungs, a gun and bullet, a lock and key, and a rose, all of which are dynamically animated to match the intensity and themes of the song, which fits perfectly within the hard rock genre.

One of the standout features of the lyric video is the glowing shadow effects on the visuals, which mirror the album cover’s dramatic aesthetic. These effects create a striking contrast that enhances the video’s overall impact. The animation of the visuals—such as the real human heart, the blooming rose, and the firing bullet—adds depth and brings the lyrics to life in a way that is both visually compelling and emotionally engaging. The camera shaking during the intense screamo section of the song adds to the visceral experience, perfectly capturing the raw energy of the performance.

Releasing lyric videos is a brilliant strategy for a band like Throw The Fight. These videos keep the audience engaged and provide an additional layer of connection to the music. In the current digital age, where visual content is crucial, having high-quality lyric videos can significantly increase the reach and shareability of their songs. Fans are more likely to share visually captivating videos that resonate with them on social media, which helps the band gain more exposure.

Fans love lyric videos because they enhance the listening experience. By following along with the lyrics, fans can connect more deeply with the song’s message, making the music more impactful. Lyric videos are perfect for repeated viewing, allowing fans to learn the words and sing along. This type of engagement is particularly valuable for metal covers, which have become increasingly popular online. From pop songs to classic Disney hits, metal covers have taken the internet by storm, and fans can’t get enough of them.

For a metal cover band like Throw The Fight, creating content such as lyric videos for viral songs is beneficial in several ways. It allows the band to capitalize on the popularity of the original track while showcasing their unique style and musical prowess. This approach helps in attracting new fans who might discover the band through their favorite songs being covered in a fresh, exciting way.

Check out Throw The Fight’s cover of “While You’re Add It” on their YouTube channel here:

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