5 Jan 2024

Sarah King – The Longest Night

Renowned for her powerful voice and emotionally charged songs, Sarah King is gearing up for the release of her debut solo full-length album in March 2024. Her acclaimed 2021 EP The Hour, produced by Simone Felice and David Baron, earned her recognition as the New England Music Awards songwriter of the Year and performances at the 2022 Folk Alliance International and Philadelphia Folk festivals, as well as supporting slots for acts including Blues Traveler, The Steel Woods, Anders Osborne, & Nathan Graham. She won the Great River Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Contest in 2023. At LyricVids, we’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the incredible Americana singer, on a lyric video for her latest release, “The Longest Night.

The Longest Night” explores the nuances of an on-again/off-again relationship that always seemed to resurface during the winter solstice but ultimately meets its poignant end. “It’s an ‘I love you and I’m leaving you anyway’ song, a heartbroken heartbreaker that most people can relate to” the singer says. It’s a departure from Sarah’s usual themes, focusing on the subtleties of heartbreak without the dramatic twists often associated with breakup songs. “It’s a good old breakup song. Nobody drinks too much, nobody dies, someone’s just had enough. Even though things might not have been horrible, the narrator knows she deserves better and makes the choice that she won’t let the other person treat her that way anymore.

When asked about choosing a lyric video for this release, Sarah emphasized “I felt the message for this song was really important to focus on, and it’s the kind of the song listeners might relate to small snippets of lyrics, so making sure a lyric video is available was super important. I also wanted to incorporate the aspect of the Longest Night/solstice, and going with a lyric video was the best way to show multiple seasons throughout the video.

Crafted as a visual masterpiece, the lyric video takes viewers on a journey through the seasons, starting in Spring and progressing through Summer and Fall before culminating in Winter. This cyclical progression mirrors the ebb and flow of love, a poignant reminder that relationships, like the seasons, are in a constant state of flux. The seasonal transitions are meticulously timed to coincide with the lyrical content. As Sarah sings “and the cold creeps in as if to remind me“, the visuals seamlessly shift to a winter landscape. The video serves as a poignant reminder that we, as individuals, and our emotions are always evolving.

The script font used in the lyric video adds a touch of femininity, reminiscent of a personal diary entry. Each word displayed elegantly, bringing forth the vulnerability and authenticity of the song. It’s as if the lyrics were penned on the pages of a cherished journal, making the emotional connection with the audience even more profound.

Sarah’s favorite part of the video aligns perfectly with the song’s climax—the big bridge, which she says is “something I don’t always write in“. As the seasons change to winter in the song, the video captures the essence with cold, snowy footage, mirroring the emotional intensity of that pivotal moment in the song. It’s a testament to the seamless collaboration between music and visuals.

With two singles set to release in January and February, and her full record scheduled for March 2024, Sarah King is gearing up for an exciting year. As she embarks on a US tour in support of the album, this collaboration between LyricVids and Sarah King not only enhances the listening experience but also encapsulates the essence of “The Longest Night.” You can stream Sarah King’s music on all streaming platforms and follow her on social media at @sarahkingsings. She’s currently crowdfunding to help the release efforts of her upcoming album below:


Checkout the lyric video for Sarah King’s “The Longest Night” on YouTube here:

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