26 May 2022

Noy Alooshe & HOOX – You Don’t Know

Writer, composer and music producer are just some of the many skill sets of Israeli sensation, Noy Alooshe. Hailing from the beautiful coast of Tel Aviv, Noy first went viral on YouTube in early 2011 with the release of his spoof song “Zenga Zenga” that parodied a speech by the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. He has also remixed other politicians including Obama, Putin and Donald Trump. In 2012, he released a video for his song “Lie” (as well as a professional lyric video) that featured international superstar, Gal Gadot dancing and lip syncing along. In March 2022, he teamed up with fellow Tel Avivian DJ / producer duo HOOX (Dor Dekel and Guy Kachlon) as well as one of Israel’s leading female artists, Marina Maximilian for his newest club anthem, “You Don’t Know” via TETA Records. 

When asked about the song Noy said, “The song is about a relationship that is coming to an end. When both sides don’t know each other any more even though all the time they spend together. It started as a dark ballad after one of us got kicked by his girlfriend. Still, after spending time in the studio together, we felt that we needed to make lemonade from the lemons and stay committed to the vibe we are always looking for: GET PEOPLE DANCING!” Mission accomplished with this single! Considering the infectious beat and the alluring vocals, it’s virtually impossible to not get it stuck in your head! Noy explains that this track is different from previous releases because, “It’s the first time we combined all kinds of genres in one song. The EDM side by HOOX, My dance side with the vocals of the amazing Marina Maximilian, that’s usually singing more pop and contemporary stuff.”

Accompanying the track, the collective released a professional animated lyric video for “You Don’t Know”. Noy explains that they chose a lyric video for their newest single because, “This is not a regular EDM track for us. The lyrics are much darker than any dance hit you hear in the club or radio these days. Marina’s vocals are not something you hear every day; mainly on the second verse when it becomes a bit indie-electronic, then a club track.” The music video showcases a dreamy color palette of midnight blues and purples, giving it a whimsical energy. The visuals feature a loved up cartoon couple under the glowing moon and stars, seemingly unknowing of the fate and heartbreak that awaits them. I love one of the earlier scenes where we see a silhouette of a beautiful woman with the moonlight behind her. The lyrics read, “You took it all from me, you took it all” and in that moment, she dematerializes into dust, offering some deeper visual insight related to the meaning behind the song.

Some of the illustrations sync perfectly with the lyrics, for instance, during the pre hook the vocals sing “The way you look at me…” and the couple are presented on each side of the screen staring at each other while slowly getting closer together. Also, when she sings “The way you’re touching me…” both of their hands are reaching for each other. The lyrics are depicted in two different font styles, one a bold sans serif and the other a stylized script font. I love the way they both flicker and glow, creating a more produced music video. When asked his favorite part of the music video he says, “I think it’s the part when the drop of the song comes in, and the animation and movement react to it and it gives it more life visually.”

What’s next up for this music producer? He says, “HOOX and I are working on a few more collaborations with famous & talented Israeli singers that do not usually sing dance music. We think that this is where the magic happens and we want the rest of the world to get familiar with the vast talents we’ve got here.” You can follow Noy Alooshe across any music streaming or social media platform @noy_alooshe or you can check out one of his many viral videos on YouTube. You can also follow DJ and producer duo HOOX on Instagram @hooxofficial and Marina Maximilian @marinamaximilian

Check out the lyric video for HOOX & Noy Alooshe ft. Marina Maximilian “You Don’t Know” Here:

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