1 Mar 2022

LyricVids Team Picks – Jimmi

After hundreds of completed lyric videos, music videos and audio visualizers, the team at LyricVids all have their personal favorites.

Meet Jimmi, one of LyricVids’ illustrators. With a long career as a tattoo artist in Toronto, Jimmi is known for his incredible pencil sketch style drawings and photorealism. A fellow technophile, Jimmi has always embraced the ever changing industry and has begun to dive deep into the world of 3D environment building and visualizers. Here are Jimmi’s favorites! 

  1. DJ Shub – War Club feat. Snotty Nose Rez Kids

I’m a very politically active person and the message of this song sits with my personal feelings as well as it was very fun to illustrate and try to bring the real world places and situations to the animated realm.

Hip-hop has always been used as a tool to raise political awareness or tackle social and economic issues. Considering the longstanding crucial issues between the First Nations and the Government of Canada, music and specifically hip-hop, has been an empowering platform for the communities. Mohawk DJ and music producer DJ Shub team up with First Nations hip-hop group Snotty Nose Rez Kids for this politically charged animated lyric video. It features custom illustrations (by Jimmi) showcasing the indigenous people fighting back against oppression. With such a powerful meaning behind it, it was important that we delivered something truly unique and profound. I love the use of the different font styles and the way that key words or phrases such as “Indigenous Sovereignty” are highlighted.

  1. Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is 

“I liked doing the illustrations for it and it’s such an iconic song.”

Here at LyricVids we work with so many legacy artists and have created some of our favorite projects with these classic songs. This video has a Valentine’s theme to it and features custom illustrations (by Jimmi) showing different relationships around the world including romantic couples, the love between a parent/grandparent and child, siblings, true friendship and even the love that we have for our pets. The color palette is stunning, showcasing red, blue, pink and yellow worked into the drawings, lyrics and textured backgrounds. I love the choice to utilize still images in progression to show movement instead of animation. It really gives this video a more custom and wholesome feel.

  1. DU5T1 – No Part Of My Love ft. Karl Wolf & Temi

It was a crazy ambitious project with an insane deadline. I’m a big big fan of retro anime and my wheelhouse is traditional 2d animation so it was nice to flex those muscles on this and bring a bit of that 80s early 90s sci fi anime to it.

This cartoon music video is stunning and it is obvious that the animation is heavily influenced by Japanese animation and Manga. This art style is extremely recognizable and so popular that Netflix reported a 50% increase in anime viewership over the past year. The female protagonist is a secret spy in a futuristic space themed world who sleeps with the enemy to get what she wants. The background illustrations are breathtaking and really bring this cyber world to life. This is a great example of one of our many non-lyric video animation projects.

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