11 Apr 2022

Common Deer – Fuckboi

80s-inspired modern synth-pop band Common Deer is a four-piece Toronto based group. The quintet is led by vocalist Sheila Hart along with her brother Adam Hart (guitar, synthesizer) as well as brothers Liam Farrell (percussion, samples), and Connor Farrell (bass). Lead singer Sheila grew up immersed in music, studying vocals and classical piano whilst performing in both concert and jazz choirs in high school. The group have been performing together since 2014 where they first met in Guelph where most of them attended university. After years of careful writing and preparation, the band released their debut EP “I” in 2017 followed by “II”, their second EP release in the same year. After racking up over a million streams, the band hit the CBC Radio charts and set out on a Canada/U.S. wide tour. Since then, Common Deer has moved away from their original folk-based sound and have found deeper roots in a more alternative pop energy. Now in 2022, fans can rejoice as they have released their first full length album “Maximalist” featuring the Common Deer classic “Fuckboi”. 

We’ve been playing Fuckboi live since 2017, and after getting such a good response to the lyrics, we knew that if we released the track as a single it needed a lyric video.” On March 11th, the band released the fan favourite along with a professionally produced lyric video. Sheila says, “I wrote the lyrics for Fuckboi back in 2017, after yet another failed situationship where I felt like the person really did me dirty. Initially, I wrote the song out of anger, because it was easier than acknowledging my own shortcomings. It was only after some serious reflection that I realized I played a role in why it didn’t work out, and that I (like always) was looking for something this person just wasn’t able to give.” Known for their ability to tackle tough topics such as mental health, addiction and abuse, Fuckboi’s poignant lyrics are no different. When asked how this song is different from previous releases Sheila says, “Fuckboi is definitely a bit more lyrically aggressive than our previous releases. Musically, we really leaned into an 80s new wave and synthpop sound, inspired by artists like New Order and CHVRCHES.

The professional lyric video for “Fuckboi” is equal parts playful as it is meaningful. Inspired heavily by the song’s cover art that features candy hearts in a way that you might have never seen before, crushed up in lines next to a razor blade. Such a powerful image that really gave the creative team at LyricVids so much to conceptualize off of. This brand cohesiveness holds a lot of power and really allows for a more impactful song or album release. On top of that, it helps your lyric videos stand out amongst the sea of fan made videos, bringing more traffic to the artist’s officially verified release and channel. Candy hearts are a recurring theme throughout the music video along with other sweet treats such as lollipops, licorice, gummy bears and peppermints. The notion of addiction and toxic relationships being showcased through lighter imagery is really clever and works perfectly with the song’s powerful lyrics in contrast to the upbeat synth pop. The pink and blue colour scheme is stunning and youthful and pairs beautifully next to the darker lyrics. The font choice is especially genius as it appears to replicate the “stamp-style” that would appear on candy hearts. When asked about their favourite part of the lyric video they said, “I love the gummy bears at 1:37! Lyrically, that part of the song deals with isolation and feeling alienated from other people, and the visual fits perfectly — I can relate to that pink gummy bear, surrounded by others yet still so alone.

What’s next for Common Deer? The band says “Our debut LP, Maximalist, comes out everywhere on April 1, 2022. We’re in the middle of planning shows and potentially a tour for the album, but you can see us live at Toronto’s legendary El Mocambo on May 15 opening for Jesus Jones.” You can follow the band across all social media and music streaming platforms at @whoiscommondeer.

Check out the lyric video for Common Deer’s “Fuckboi” on YouTube Here:

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