10 Jan 2023

Animated Music Videos

As a team of music lovers, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting music videos to watch. And when it comes to animated music videos, the options are endless. From simple hand-drawn animations to complex 3D graphics, these videos have the ability to transport us into a world of imagination and creativity. An animated music video is a creative and unique way for artists to express their music and bring their songs to life. These videos often use different animation styles and techniques to tell a story or enhance the lyrics of the song.

One of the most common forms of animated music videos is the hand-drawn style. This style is often used for indie or alternative music, as it allows for a more artistic and unique visual experience. The hand-drawn animation can be done using a variety of techniques, including pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, and even stop-motion animation. You’ll find the hand-drawn style of animation in the lyric video for Yung Bleu feat. Drake – You’re Mines Still as well as Count Pariah – Paranoia.

The lyric video for Shawn James – No Blood From a Stone is a great example of a hand-drawn animation style

A popular type of animated music video is 2D animation, which uses hand-drawn or digitally-created images to create movement and action. This style is often used for nostalgic or whimsical songs, as it has a classic and charming aesthetic. Examples of 2D animated music videos include Jauz & Masked Wolf – Mercy as well as Paula Anka & Olivia Newton-John – Put Your Head On My Shoulder.

The cartoon lyric video for Jauz & Masked Wolf – Mercy is an excellent example of movement and action in a 2D animation style

Another popular form of animated music videos is the use of 3D graphics. This style is often used for pop and electronic music, as it allows for a more polished and polished look. The 3D graphics can be created using a variety of software, such as Maya or Blender, and can be used to create incredibly detailed and realistic environments and characters.

One of my personal favorite types of animated music videos is the use of stop-motion animation. This technique involves creating a series of still images and then playing them back in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement. This style is often used for more playful and whimsical music, as it allows for a more playful and lighthearted visual experience.

LyricVids meticulously worked on the stop-motion lyric video for illvibe – Ghosts

Finally, there are hybrid animated music videos, which combine multiple animation techniques and styles. These videos often have a unique and experimental aesthetic, and can be used to create surreal or abstract visuals. Examples of hybrid animated music videos include KARRA – Obstacle and T Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose, Keefus Ciancia – Realities.com.

Karra’s lyric video for her song Obstacle uses a combination of hand-drawn animation as well as still photographs

Overall, there are countless different types of animated music videos out there, each with its own unique style and aesthetic. Whether you are a fan of hand-drawn animation, 3D graphics, or stop-motion animation, there is surely an animated music video out there that will capture your imagination and take you on a journey of creativity and imagination.

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