3 Oct 2022

Working With Legacy Artists

Looking back on the thousands of videos that we have produced for both independent artists and major record labels, working with legacy artists on those classic songs probably has the most impact on us as a team.

We love working on modern hits for up and coming superstars. But perhaps our favorite projects are working with legacy artists on videos for their iconic records. There’s something special about getting to collaborate on a new video for a classic hit. It’s like stepping back through time to touch the songs from our youth and sometimes from our parents’ youth. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some all-time great artists on songs that will live forever; so perhaps it’s about getting to attach a bit of our art onto something that’s proven to stand the test of time.” – Anthony, President

The team at LyricVids has been so fortunate to work with some of the greatest music icons in history including Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Olivia Newton-John and Paul Anka. Below are some of our favorite legacy music videos that we have made!

Paul Anka & Olivia Newton-John – Put Your Head On My Shoulder

This classic love song has been stuck in everyone’s head at one point in time, so making a memorable animated music video was key. We went with a popular mid-century modern style illustration (mid-mod) which you might be familiar with in those Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as The Jetsons or Josie and the Pussycats or The Flintstones. Creating cartoon versions of our superstars was so much fun. Olivia, with her signature blonde bob and piercing blue eyes and Paul with the 1950s Pompadour hairstyle and those classic eyebrows; these animated character’s are truly flawless representations. Fans need to hike up their GoGo boots as they are taken on a retro journey through the music studio and New York City with our protagonist’s. The vivid 1960’s pastel color palette is bold and scintillating with purples, blues, red, yellow and green, which add and effectively elevate the vintage cartoon theme. This animated music video really captures that 1950s / 1960s coy flirtatious energy as we see our characters sing together, feed the birds, enjoying ice cream cones and even riding the Ferris wheel at Coney Island.

Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

A true legend, working on this video was really a dream come true for our team. Considering the technology at the time of this song’s release, the original footage of the live performance is in black and white but the retro color palette in this animated music video is so brilliant and nostalgic, it truly brings the hit to life. Fans will immediately notice this lyric video is inspired by the original footage of Ray singing and playing on the piano while The Raelettes sing at the microphone in front of the bandstand. The Raelettes are beautifully illustrated in their 1960s dresses, bewitchingly looking over their shoulders as they sing the titled verse and Ray in his suit at the piano is timeless and really captures his spirited energy on stage. His signature black Ray-Bans are a must and help complete the dated visuals. The lyrics can be seen bouncing on screen, falling from the top or being blown away by the horns and it’s so dynamic. After 60 years, this colorful lyric video helps bridge the gap in time and breathe life back into his music once again, allowing for not only the existing fans but also a new generational audience to enjoy.

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is

If you haven’t sung this song at a wedding after a few too many, are you even living? This video was made specifically in time for Valentine’s Day with the hashtag #NoLimitsOnLove, so the theme of love was obvious. It features custom illustrations showcasing different relationships around the world including romantic couples, the love between a parent/grandparent and child, siblings, true friendship and even the love that we have for our pets. The color palette is stunning, showcasing red, blue, pink and yellow worked into the drawings, lyrics and textured backgrounds. I love the choice to utilize still images in progression to show movement instead of animation. It really gives this video a more custom and wholesome feel. This is a timeless classic and the lyric video will carry it on for years to come.

Aretha Franklin – You’re All I Need To Get By

Released just in time for the holiday season, fans were able to sing along to Aretha Franklin’s classic hit written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. This lyric video showcases some really creative winter wonderland cartoon illustrations such as a snowy cottage in the forest, a happy snowman, and an old wooden sled. After a tour around the scenic forest, the viewer is taken inside the cozy cottage to a beautifully decorated Christmas fantasy. Stockings are hung on the cobblestone above a warm blazing fire, the Christmas tree is decorated and dinner is on the window side table. Presents have been opened with boxes and wrapping paper scattered around by the vintage plaid sofa. The lyrics are displayed around the screen in a red & white font pairing that matches the holiday theme entirely. This cartoon music video is so warm and fuzzy and paired with Aretha’s soulful vocals, it’s perfect for any Christmas playlist. 

Olivia Newton-John – Physical

Olivia Newton-John truly needs no introduction and her song ‘Physical’ was a pioneer record, allowing for a new wave of pop sex appeal and double entandres. In 2021 the dance-pop anthem celebrated its 40th anniversary so a professionally animated lyric video for ‘Physical‘ was inevitable. This video is beautifully nostalgic, bringing us all back to the 1980s with its futuristic aesthetics and cyberpunk color palette. This whole video lives in the encompassing theme of that popular digital dystopia. Using hyper-futuristic glow wave fonts illuminating blues and pinks on a smoky deep purple backdrop was very clever and extremely effective in transporting viewers back in time. Considering the theme of the song and the original music video, it is clear that was a major inspiration to the visuals in this custom lyric video. Instead of live action aerobics instructors, the music video used fun and sexy animations of silhouetted women dancing and exercising to the song. Everything about this music video is sexy and playful which is exactly on brand for the single.

Check out some of the other legacy artist work that we have done on YouTube HERE!

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