11 Jun 2024

VEDO – Hurts Me To Know

VEDO, a seasoned R&B singer and songwriter, has captivated audiences with his smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics since his rise to fame. With the release of his eighth studio album, “Next Chapter“, VEDO marks a significant milestone in his career. “My eighth studio album for me symbolizes victory, prosperity, and overcoming obstacles in my life and in my career,” VEDO explains. He continues, “I had to work really hard to get to where I am today, and this project is a poetic reminder that music isn’t work; it’s fun. I’m proud of this project and can’t wait for my fans to experience it.” The album features notable producers such as Troy Taylor (known for his work with Trey Songz, K Michelle, Tink), B.A.M. (associated with Young Thug, Ne-Yo, Selena Gomez), PK (credited with Chris Brown, 2Chainz), and songwriter Felly (whose portfolio includes Usher, Queen Naija, Rotimi). The singer also collabs with Nigerian American singer and actor Rotimi.

In collaboration with LyricVids.com, VEDO has released a captivating lyric video for his new single “Hurts Me To Know“. This lyric video features privately-shot moving photographs of a sultry woman, presumably the muse of the song, displayed in old-school vintage photo reel frames. The lyrics appear around these moving images in a 3D space, enhancing the song’s narrative. The monochrome color palette adds to the video’s intimate and sexy feel, perfectly complementing the classic R&B theme of longing and unrequited love. The song tells the story of a woman whom the artist is painfully lusting over, yet she is with a man who doesn’t appreciate her the way he could.

Releasing lyric videos is an excellent strategy for an R&B artist like VEDO. These videos keep the audience engaged by providing a visual representation of the song’s lyrics, making the listening experience more immersive. In an era where visual content is king, high-quality lyric videos can significantly enhance the reach and shareability of an artist’s music. Fans are more likely to share visually captivating content that resonates with them on social media, helping the artist gain more exposure.

R&B fans, in particular, love lyric videos because they deepen their connection to the music. By following along with the lyrics, fans can connect more profoundly with the song’s message and emotions. Lyric videos are perfect for repeated viewing, allowing fans to learn the words and sing along, creating a more interactive and engaging experience. Creating content such as lyric videos for songs like “Hurts Me To Know” is beneficial in several ways. It allows the artist to express the song’s emotional depth visually, attracting both existing fans and new listeners. This approach helps in building a strong, cohesive brand identity and maintaining a consistent presence in the digital space.

Watch VEDO’s “Hurts Me To Know” lyric video on his official YouTube channel here:

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