9 May 2022

Ty Wilson – Catch You In My Next Life

Growing up in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, singer / songwriter Ty Wilson is no stranger to the music industry. His grandmother was a well-known country musician who in the 60s, opened for legendary artists such as Johnny Cash. Buying Ty his first guitar at 10 years old, she has always been a powerful influence on his passion for music. At just 16 years old, he signed his first record deal followed by his second signing at 22. In 2014, he released his debut album “Degrees of Separation” via Vic Park Records followed by years of touring across the country at venues such as The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario and even singing lead for Canadian Bob Seger tribute band Against The Wind. Ty’s fans love his alt-country sound and have been waiting years for some new music.

Fans can finally rejoice because on April 22nd, the country singer released his newest single “Catch You In My Next Life” co written with Matt Teed-Arthur. “This song is about escape, really. It’s a fun driving tune that makes you want to roll the windows down and crank it in the car. However, the song is really about me escaping my past while I was living in Toronto a few years back.” When asked how this song differs from his previous music, Ty says, “This is a step in a new direction for me. My prior work was more akin to adult contemporary pop rock. Stuff like “The Fray” and “The Script.” I’ve moved more into the country realm now with my next releases.” 

On May 6th, the singer teamed up with LyricVids for the release of his inspiring new lyric video for “Catch You In My Next Life”. When asked why he chose a lyric video, Ty said, “Lyric videos have been increasing in popularity and I believe it’s important to have a video ready for each single. YouTube is a great promotional hub and a lyric video provides a great visual and a chance for the listener to read the lyrics themselves.” We couldn’t agree more! As much as they love their fan made videos, official lyric videos are key in presenting not only the right lyrics to their fans but also the mood and meaning of the song to their viewers. Lyric videos are a great addition to a single release and can be way more cost effective in comparison to shooting an official music video.   

Ty’s lyric video showcases beautiful visuals made to look like raw roadtrip footage. There’s a gritty realness to the shots without distracting the viewers from the lyrics, which are the main focus of the song. The footage pairs nicely with the lyrics like when he sings “All I want is that Daytona sunshine” and the lyrics are placed neatly in between a row of Florida palm trees. I think my favourite part of the video is when the hook cuts fast between “County line, State line, Count ‘em as they passin’ by…” and visuals hard cut rapidly. I think this can symbolize a musician’s life on the road and how each day you can wake up somewhere new. I love the font pairing between the poignant serif font and the elegant script font used to highlight key words such as “highway” and “crossroads”. When we asked Ty what his favourite part of the video was, he said, “I love all of the imagery! It really captures the spirit of the song I was looking for.”

What’s next up for the singer / songwriter? Ty assures us there is plenty more music to come – with 2 more songs coming out this year and plenty of more live performances to catch! You can follow Ty Wilson across all music streaming platforms or on Instagram @tywilsonmusic

Check out the lyric video for Ty Wilson’s “Catch You In My Next Life” on YouTube Here:

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