28 Mar 2022

The Get Right Band – Lift You Up

The Get Right Band is a psychedelic indie rock power trio from Asheville, NC. They are a band focused on following their muses to honest self-expression, to whatever excites them and pushes them into unexplored territory. The band is built on the musical brotherhood that guitarist/vocalist Silas Durocher and bassist Jesse Gentry have formed playing music together since middle school. Durocher, who is a trained composer and has been commissioned to write for symphonies and chamber groups, has guitar chops that can soothe or rage and a charismatic swagger as a frontman and a singer. “Durocher has an impressive range and rich clarity to his vocals—think a more soulful Dan Auerbach(Connect Savannah). Gentry’s virtuosic bass playing “catapults from elastic to nasty(The Mountain Xpress). With the addition of Jian-Claude Mears, a drummer with “precision, passion, and an inescapable momentum(Live For Live Music), the group’s sound has become an unstoppable force. They have been wowing audiences around the country and the Caribbean since their inception in 2011 with an unparalleled live show and a relentless tour schedule that has included appearances at FloydFest, StrangeCreek, Riverbend Fest, The Orange Peel and The Hamilton. “The Get Right Band proudly carries the torch for a long line of genre-bending power trios from Cream to The Jimi Hendrix Experience to The Police to Violent Femmes to Primus to Green Day to Nirvana to Sublime. It’s the space between the notes, the rawness and the maneuverability, that makes a power trio, well, so damn powerful.

On March 25th, TGRB released their lively new single titled “Lift You Up”. The band says “Lift You Up is about partnership, what it takes to make it work over the years, the ways it tests you or pushes you, but always maintaining a true desire to support your partner, to help lift them up to whatever and whoever they want to be.” This song is set to be the band’s first single, a solo release and not associated with an album. “We’ve put out 5 albums and we’re finishing up our 6th right now. The album we’re recording now is a concept album, and Lift You Up doesn’t fit the concept or the story of the record. But we’ve been playing it at our shows and getting a great reaction from audiences, so we didn’t want to wait for album 7, which could easily be a couple of years away, so we decided to put it out as a single. We’re excited to have it out in the world and see how different people connect to it. It’s always really fun and fulfilling to see how people map their own experiences and feelings onto our lyrics.

Simultaneously, this indie band released a professional lyric video to accompany the single’s release. When asked why they chose a lyric video they said “Lyrics are always important to us, but there are certain songs where we really want people to understand them. Lift You Up has a lot of words coming pretty fast, so the lyric video will be a perfect way for listeners to get the full experience of the song.” Inspired by the single cover artwork, the music video is lyric focused showcasing the same graffiti-style font on a cement backdrop. Similar posterized images of butterflies are featured throughout the video with a color palette directly pulled from the artwork of neon green, pink and purple giving it a fun punk feel. I love the way the whole video shakes subtly and has pink paint dripping down the screen during the instrumental, further complimenting the movement in the digital cover art and adding that grunge-rock atmosphere.

When asked about their favorite part of the video the band said “I really love how the LyricVids team worked off of the album art for the song, bringing in the color scheme and the butterflies and paint splatters. The video really feels like it captures the high energy vibe of the song.” Matching your lyric video to your single or album cover can be extremely powerful in establishing a cohesive brand for the artist or the song/album and essentially brings that concept to life. 

What’s up next for The Get Right Band? They say, “We have a busy spring, summer, and fall of shows and festivals coming up that we’re super excited for and we’re mixing our 6th album, so that will be coming out hopefully later this year. We’ve been working on this one for a long time… it’s going to feel extra good to share it with people.” You can follow the band across social media @thegetrightband and music streaming platforms here

Check out the lyric video for “Lift You Up” on The Get Right Band’s Official YouTube Channel Here:

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