28 Aug 2023

Romi Chase – Afterlife

Singer/Songwriter Romi Chase’s story has been anything but ordinary, shaped by curveballs that life threw her way. As a native of Warsaw, Poland, Romi’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, fueling her ascent as an independent recording artist, songwriter, and model. Born into a life of privilege as the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Romi Chase’s path was abruptly altered at just 15 years old when tragedy struck, claiming the lives of both her parents. Left to navigate the world without familial support, she defied adversity by enrolling in university and earning a master’s degree in linguistics. At 24, a new chapter unfolded as Romi embarked on a journey to the United States. Here, she carved her own niche in the world of adult content creation, rapidly ascending to the top 1% of creators worldwide within two years.

Yet, music was an inseparable part of Romi’s essence since childhood. From the age of six, she graced stages with her melodious voice, racking up accomplishments that included performances at major sporting events and appearances on esteemed television and radio programs like Rude Jude / Shade 45, 50 Cent’s Thisis50, The SDR Show, and Angela Yee’s Lip Service. Her debut live performance in front of a 2k+ crowd at the iconic Club Avalon in LA solidified her stage presence, foreshadowing the captivating connection she would forge with audiences worldwide through her original music. As her own compositions took flight, Romi Chase’s magnetic pull was undeniable. Tracks like “Control,” with 450K streams in just four months, “Today,” boasting over 850K spins, and “Whiskey on the Rocks,” amassing 880K streams, spoke volumes about her artistry’s global resonance.

On August 8th, the songstress unveiled “Afterlife,” a single that transcends musical boundaries to champion equality and kindness for all. Blending R&B and pop elements with the allure of electric guitars and piano, the song’s empowering lyrics underscore the significance of recognizing our shared humanity. “When you hear ‘Afterlife,’ you’re hearing a message of equality and kindness echoing through the melodies. It’s a call to support one another, regardless of life’s challenges. I believe that equality for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, is a cause worth singing about,” Romi Chase explained.

This summer, Romi Chase joined forces with LyricVids to crystallize her vision through a captivating lyric video for “Afterlife.” The decision to embrace this format was deliberate – in the digital age, where visual and auditory senses intertwine, video content becomes an indispensable avenue for artistic expression. Romi Chase’s sentiment resonates deeply, “Listeners today don’t just want to hear; they want to ‘see’ the music too. Videos provide a visual context, helping convey the song’s essence and the artist’s intent.

The lyric video is a masterful tapestry of black and white visuals that mirror the song’s profound message. Rushing rivers, towering mountain peaks, boundless deserts, deep oceans, and lush forests weave a visual narrative that encapsulates the song’s themes. The monochromatic palette, though devoid of color, radiates depth and emotional richness, symbolizing the spectrum of human experiences. The lyrics, presented in an easy-to-read serif font, harmoniously intertwine with the stunning visuals, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional lyric videos. This seamless fusion accentuates the power of the song’s message while allowing viewers to absorb every syllable.

We asked the artist what her favorite part of the lyric video was and she said, “I love the combination of nature footage showing different perspectives of different people throughout the world and yet the message remains, we are still the same, we’re all humans. Hence why the hook “we’re all different but we’re also the same, we’re all bleeding red at the end of the day””

For an artist like Romi Chase, who’s not only a creative soul but also an influencer and content creator, the synergy between music and visuals adds a dynamic layer to her business. The lyric video serves as a versatile tool, enabling her to communicate her music’s essence, engage fans, and expand her digital footprint.

What’s next for the singer/songwriter? She says she is currently working on a new single – “A catchy pop/rnb hybrid about devotion, karma and betrayal”. You can follow Romi across all social media platforms and stream her music on Spotify.





Check out Romi Chase’s lyric video for “Afterlife” on YouTube here:

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