5 Apr 2024

Rebecca Lappa – Deep Water

Born in San Francisco and raised in Edmonton, Rebecca Lappa’s musical journey began in childhood, showcasing a remarkable talent for storytelling and melody. With a repertoire spanning various instruments and accolades earned at a young age, Rebecca’s most recent release, “Tales of A Taurus“, produced alongside Louise Burns (Lillix), delves into the struggles and triumphs of women in their 20s. “She was able to help me actualize, sonically, the stories that I was trying to tell and the vision I had for each song,” says Rebecca. “She really listened to the influences that I wanted in the songs, especially Zella Day, Kasey Musgraves, Bishop Briggs and Charlotte Cardin… ‘Tales of a Taurus’ takes the concept of the wounded healer to new heights, sharing the pain and struggles of women in their 20s with the courage to find healing within and hope for the future.” the songwriter explains.

Her newest single, “Deep Water“, delves into the harrowing depths of her “Me Too” experience with an abusive partner. Through powerful lyrics and haunting melodies, Rebecca shares her journey of escape and resilience, shedding light on the complexities of trauma and the possibility of finding healing and hope.

When asked about her decision to create a lyric video for “Deep Water“, Rebecca explains, “Because the imagery is able to portray the emotion and message of the song.” The official lyric video is a visual masterpiece, featuring turbulent seas, crashing waves, and predatory sharks, serving as metaphors for the challenges of abuse. The imagery of a shipwreck in the beginning, followed by a sailing ship towards the end, symbolizes the journey from turmoil to freedom and hope. The predominance of blue and aqua tones further enhances the emotional depth of the video, creating a visually stunning experience.

As Rebecca reflects on the collaborative process, she expresses appreciation for the attention to detail and thoughtfulness of the team in capturing the essence of the song. For an artist like Rebecca, who is actively building her fanbase, lyric videos serve as a fantastic solution for content creation, attracting new fans and engaging existing ones. By sharing the lyric video across social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Rebecca ensures her content remains visible and resonates with a wider audience, contributing to the growth of her platform.

Moreover, lyric videos offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional music videos, allowing artists to convey their message effectively without breaking the bank. As the singer prepares to release another single, “Underneath Me“, in June and support Abigail Lapell on tour dates in Edmonton and Calgary in April, fans can stay updated on her journey through social media and music streaming platforms.

In a world where storytelling meets melody, Rebecca Lappa’s “Deep Water” lyric video serves as a testament to the power of music in illuminating the darkest corners of human experience and finding light amidst adversity. As waves of emotion crash and lyrics glow elegantly on screen, Rebecca invites listeners to dive deep into her world and emerge with a renewed sense of strength and resilience.


Check out the lyric video for Rebecca Lappa's "Deep Water" on YouTube here:

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