10 Apr 2024

PROF3CY – Who Told You

In the realm where music meets spirituality, there exists an artist whose journey transcends mere beats and rhymes. PROF3CY, also known as Isaias Rivera, is more than a rapper; he’s a vessel for the divine, a conduit through which the message of hope and redemption flows. With a full YouTube catalog, two mixtapes, and now his latest EP, “AGUA VIVA” (translated to “Living Water”), PROF3CY’s artistry intertwines with his faith, delivering a profound impact on listeners.

Recently, the lyric video for his track “Who Told You” premiered, marking not only a milestone in his musical journey but also a personal triumph – the one-year anniversary of his sobriety. Teaming up with the professional animation studio LyricVids.com, PROF3CY crafted a visual masterpiece that reflects the essence of the song and its divine inspiration.

At the core of “Who Told You” lies a powerful message, delivered in the voice of God Himself. It’s a reminder of unconditional love, a proclamation of worth and purpose. As the lyrics unfold, God’s voice echoes through the verses, questioning those who doubt their value: “I don’t know who told you you ain’t worth a dime?” In a world filled with doubt and insecurity, PROF3CY channels the divine assurance that God’s word reigns supreme, and His love knows no bounds.

The lyric video, a testament to divine royalty, is adorned with visuals reminiscent of regal opulence. From marble textures to golden crowns, each frame exudes a sense of majesty and grandeur. The choice of imagery aligns seamlessly with the song’s message, portraying God as the ultimate King, His word transcending earthly limitations.

One of the standout elements of the video, as highlighted by PROF3CY himself, is the depiction of crowns. In religious symbolism, crowns represent sovereignty and divine authority. By incorporating this imagery, the lyric video reinforces the notion of God’s kingship, His dominion over all creation. Each crown serves as a visual testament to the exalted status of the Almighty, His glory shining forth in radiant splendor.

When asked why he opted for a lyric video for this release, the rapper’s response resonates with humility and reverence. “It’s not about me,” he explains, “but the Lord speaking through me to His people.” In essence, the lyric video serves as a conduit for divine communication, a medium through which God’s message of love and acceptance reaches out to all who seek solace and redemption.

As listeners immerse themselves in the lyrical journey of “Who Told You” they are invited to experience a profound encounter with the divine. Through the marriage of music and visuals, PROF3CY delivers not just a song, but a spiritual revelation—a reminder that in God’s eyes, every individual is cherished and beloved.

In celebration of PROF3CY’s latest triumph, we join in applauding the release of the “Who Told You” lyric video—a testament to the transformative power of faith and the enduring legacy of divine inspiration. As the echoes of his message reverberate across the musical landscape, may they continue to touch hearts and souls, illuminating the path towards redemption and spiritual fulfillment.

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