10 Feb 2023

One Week Later – Reflections

Hailing from the small market town of Tamworth, Staffordshire, England, One Week Later (OWL for short) is an up and coming genre-bending trio. The band is made up of songwriter Jane S Broughton on vocals, Richard M Smith on guitar / synths and their session drummer Perky Dudley. Originally a duo, the pair began self producing and recording music in 2013 and combined their individual music styles of folk and alternative rock to form a unique sound. Eventually the pair met Perky while rehearsing at Sinewave Studios which is owned by his father, Alan Caves (engineer for UB40). It was a perfect fit and the music group has since composed a pretty extensive catalogue of albums and EPs. The band cites Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Future Islands and Chrissie Hynde as some of their musical influences. On February 10th, the pop-rock band released their brand new 5-track EP titled REFLECT that dons a nostalgic 80s style with a modern art pop touch.

The EP’s lead-off track titled “Reflections” is a thought provoking and powerful track. “It’s a song about coming to terms with the past and moving forward in a positive way whilst letting previous experiences inform and guide you through. It’s grasping this opportunity to create new, untarnished memories and allow the course of time to reshape a wonderful future.The song, like many others, is open to interpretation. Listeners can identify with the themes in a personal way and take from it what they think it offers. At the end of the day, we all need to reflect!” We asked the band how this song differs from their previous releases and they said, “This song reveals a harmony between musical creation and thoughtful lyrics. Of course we always try to ensure that a certain song creates a particular ambience, but we feel we have successfully blended mood and lyrics better than ever before to produce a current, innovative and almost haunting number. We’re not afraid to experiment and “bend” the genres we love to work with as we strive to constantly improve our sound. Our passion is creating, arranging and performing memorable, well-constructed songs to touch the soul.

One Week Later teamed up with LyricVids to accompany the EP release with a professional lyric video for the opening song “Reflections”. We asked the band why they were interested in creating a lyric video for their track and they said, “We’ve watched some really inspiring animated lyric videos recently and we thought it would be an excellent way of capturing the song’s ambience.” The lyric video showcases dreamy backdrops such as panning clouds, a moon light sky, cityscapes and ocean waves which have been manipulated, colour treated and mirrored for a unique visual experience. The lyrics are displayed in a neon-sign-styled font, paying homage to the 80s musical influence and the song’s stellar synths as well as a palatable script font to pair. The video features a retro synthwave colour palette of neon pinks, purples and blues which really allow the glowing lyrics to pop. We asked the band their favourite part of the video and they said, “We love the entire video because it really captures the mood we wanted to create.” 

Celebrating this week with the bands new EP release and for hitting the top of the Only Rock Radio music charts, you can find One Week Later performing around their new and best hits around the UK, starting with a live performance at The Dark Horse in Birmingham on March 29th. You can check out their brand new website at www.oneweeklater.com and follow the band across all social media and music streaming platforms.

FB: @1weeklater
IG: @one_week_later_band
TW: @1weeklater
YT: @owl-oneweeklater7696

Check out the lyric video for “Reflections” on OWL’s Official YouTube Channel Here:

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