2 May 2024

MAYBE MAY – Stillborn

Mississauga-based band MAYBE MAY has long been a staple in Ontario’s alternative rock scene. With their distinctive blend of heavy instrumentation and poignant melodies, MAYBE MAY has captivated audiences for nearly a decade, delivering messages of love, loss, and betrayal through their music. As they gear up for the release of their latest track “Stillborn” they’ve teamed up with LyricVids, a leading lyric video animation company, to create a mesmerizing visualizer to accompany their song.

Formed almost ten years ago, MAYBE MAY consists of Demetrius on vocals and guitar, Rian on bass, and Vitaly on drums. Since their debut EP “Eden Project” in 2014, they’ve garnered attention from Toronto Independent Music Awards and Mississauga Music Awards, solidifying their place in the Canadian music scene. With thousands of online views and streams, as well as countless live shows under their belt, MAYBE MAY continues to connect with fans on a profound level.

For “Stillborn“, MAYBE MAY decided to venture into uncharted territory by opting for an animated visualizer. When asked about their choice, they said, “We haven’t done one of these yet & it was time…” The song itself comes from something much deeper, “The song is about relationships that feel so right but are so wrong…and with that vague answer, we choose to keep our lyrical secrets.” Unlike their previous releases, “Stillborn” marks MAYBE MAY’s foray into what they affectionately dub their first “power ballad.” This shift in style prompted them to seek out a visual representation that would complement the track’s emotional depth. Enter LyricVids, whose expertise in creating captivating animated visuals proved to be the perfect match for the band’s vision.

The visualizer for this song transports viewers into a futuristic space-themed realm, mirroring the imagery of the single cover. With 3D cameras guiding the journey, viewers are taken on a cosmic adventure, complete with planets, starry skies, spaceships and UFOs. The looping visual seamlessly integrates with the song, enhancing the listener’s experience and offering a fresh perspective on the group’s musical narrative.

While traditional music videos can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to produce, animated visualizers offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative. LyricVids’ collaboration with MAYBE MAY demonstrates how animation can breathe life into a song, allowing artists to convey their message in a visually stunning manner without breaking the bank. This approach is particularly beneficial for alternative, punk, and rock bands seeking to enhance their live performances. Animated visualizers serve as dynamic backdrops, adding depth and visual interest to the stage presence. By incorporating these visuals into their live shows, bands can elevate the concert experience for their audience, creating an immersive atmosphere that complements their music.

As MAYBE MAY prepares for the release of their new song and embarks on a series of live shows, the future looks bright for this talented trio. With LyricVids by their side, they continue to push boundaries and explore new creative horizons. You can catch MAYBE MAY live on May 11th at Warehouse Concert Hall in St Catharines, May 18th at The Rec Room in Mississauga, and June 7th at Rivoli in Toronto. You can also check out their website at www.maybemay.com or follow the band across all social media platforms at @maybemaymusic. You can stream their music HERE on Spotify.

Check out the official visualizer for “Stillborn” on MAYBE MAY’s YouTube channel here:

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