10 Feb 2022

LyricVids Team Picks – Nate

After hundreds of completed lyric videos, music videos and audio visualizers, the team at LyricVids all have their personal favorites.

Meet Nate, one of LyricVids’ animators and video editors. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, Nate is known for his unique stylized visuals and edge. A fellow music head, you’ll find Playboi Carti on the top of his playlist and he always has the scoop with what’s new and buzzworthy in the music industry. In his spare time, he also enjoys Anime and video games such as Halo.

  1. Jeris Johnson – Friday

“This is such a cool video to me. Playing off of the cover art, Jess and I included a variety of 2D and 3D assets and created a video that is super eye-catching. I love the juxtaposition of grungy textures paired with sleek chrome objects.

When you think of Jeris Johnson, you think PARTY which is exactly the mood of this lyric video. It brings the single cover art to life, making it a flawless addition to the song’s visual portfolio. This video screams high energy with all of the 3D graphics such as the liquid splashing, popping balloons, and bouncing ping pong ball. Each scene is a total vibe and can’t help but get you pumped up!

2. Fireboy DML & Ed Sheeran – Peru

“First of all, this song is a total vibe and a half. What I love most about this video is the conceptualization and scene building. You have scenes coming out of other scenes, things flying around. Everything just fits together so well. The attention to detail in this video is crazy.

The lyric video for “Peru” is fast paced and full of stunning imagery. With our passports in hand, the viewers get ready to go on a ride through what feels like a 3D postcard trip around the world as the video zooms in and out of creative vignettes. Featuring an earthy color scheme of yellow, orange and green with white glowing lyrics. The crisp and energetic transitions are what elevate this music video and showcases the importance of using a professional lyric video company.

3. Austin Millz & Aluna – Gold

The song is super catchy and I personally really love the aesthetics of this video too. The black and gold create a really punchy contrast that’s really visually pleasing to watch.

This video showcases high-quality typography and professional motion graphics. The gold and black color palette is stunning. The visuals scream opulence and feature fun gold imagery such as flakes, dust, liquid, lighting, and silk. Being so lyric focused, this music video is a perfect example of what would be a great additional visual component for any song release.

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