17 Feb 2022

LyricVids Team Picks – Krisi

After hundreds of completed lyric videos, music videos and audio visualizers, the team at LyricVids all have their personal favorites.

Meet Krisi, our Operations Manager. Krisi has a knack for writing and a lifelong love of all types of music. Aside from running LyricVids’ social media accounts and blog, you can find her illustrating, editing, managing clients and assisting the CEO and Creative Director with one of their many projects. 

  1. Chico Rose – Pop Off (feat. Lost Boy)

This animated music video is my dream come true. Bright colours, pin-up girls, vinyl records, champagne, handsome men…what more could you ask for in a video? I am a huge 1950s pin-up girl fan and the custom illustrations here have me reeling. I love that their eyes are blacked out, paying homage to the single cover art, and the wild scene transitions and effects really elevate this video and make it stand out from the rest. Aesthetically, the way that it maintains a primary colour palette is impressive, featuring a unique flattening result that I haven’t seen before. The video is tongue-in-cheek which plays into the tone of the song, especially when he sings “but I love it when she pop off” and we see one of our models straddling a champagne cork which blasts off from the bottle and she rides it through the air.

  1.  Unknown Brain & Steve Andreas – Slow (feat. Laurell & Haj)

The blue & pink colour scheme in this animated lyric video is probably one of my favourite colour combinations out there, reminding me of cotton candy and having fun. The playful pop art style illustrations like the mouth and the lollipop are cute and bright. The video screams 90s, especially with the large bubble letters and their bouncy transitions. Another facetious theme (I swear I didn’t plan this) that might have you blushing by the end of the video. I’m a sucker (get it) for anything gaudy and this lyric video is super sweet!

  1. Parmalee – Take My Name

I love how layered this video is. It’s as if I am watching a scrapbook being turned into a music video. The romantic hard–cut visuals such as holding hands, cuddling couples and flowers all add to that cut and paste feel. I’m a big fan of the orange and cyan colour scheme over the monochrome imagery. It makes the video feel electric! My favourite feature is the glowing neon light that traces the visuals, it brings a layer of motion to the video and brings it to life! The whole video makes me feel warm and fuzzy!”

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