3 Feb 2022

LyricVids Team Picks – Jess

After hundreds of completed lyric videos, music videos and audio visualizers, the team at LyricVids all have their personal favorites.

Meet Jess, co-owner and Creative Director of LyricVids.com. In addition to leading the creative vision of the company, Jess also directs the animation and production process of each video. 

I’ve grown so much as an artist in the past seven years with LyricVids, learning new software and techniques, and expanding my creative capacity beyond what I thought was possible. I finally understand the Maya Angelou quote, ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have,’ and truly feel like all these projects have unlocked a part of my brain, allowing me to become my best creative self. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this decade brings.” Although it is virtually impossible for her to call favorites, she managed to list 3 videos that are super memorable to her! 

  1. Carter Rubin – Horoscope

This is such a sweet song by Carter, I love it. The cute, glowing horoscope characters floating out in space really brought this video to life and made it something special.

This colorfully animated lyric video for is so aesthetically pleasing. It features a dazzling cosmic color palette of purples and yellow. The illustrations are brilliant, showcasing creative visuals of the different zodiac signs. The fun animations throughout the video show the Scorpio with it’s bobbing tail, the huffing Taurus, the swimming fish of the Pisces, the weighing scales of the Libra, the shooting arrows of the Sagittarius, the Capricorn represented by the sea goat, the clipping claws of the Cancer, the roaring of the Leo lion, the historical vase of the Aquarius, the goddess Virgo and the twin snakes representing Gemini. These visuals represent the artist’s ‘horoscope’ theme perfectly. 

  1. Merkules ft. Kevin Gates – Apply Pressure

The video was such a blast to make. Reminiscent of old cartoons (Cops, Batman The Animated Series, Gargoyles), the video takes place in a sinister toy factory where the main characters are being built.

This lyric video is influenced by the 1980s / 1990s style comic book cartoons, featuring darker themes, colors and thick black outlines. The concept of a toy factory making little Merkules and Kevin Gates action figures is so innovative! Watching as they are being built and painted with fun accessories like gold watches and tattoos while the big boss man counts his money in his warehouse office. Where can I buy one?! 

  1. Chips N Guacamole (Jingle Punks Remix) 

This one’s a throwback! You may remember this song from it’s viral Snapchat filter that had everyone singing along. It was our first ever children’s song, so we had a great time creating this silly 8-bit video of dancing food!

The ‘Chips N Guacamole’ lyric video features the 8-bit style digital art found in retro video games of yesteryear such as Super Mario and Space Invaders. Often referred to as ‘Pixel Art’, these themes evoke warm and fuzzy childhood nostalgia of the good ol’ days which explains why they are making such a huge comeback in gaming and cinema. Everything about this video screams FUN and viewers love it! There is no wonder why this lyric video has over a million views on YouTube! 

Check out the LyricVids Cartoon & Animation Playlist on YouTube here:

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