31 Jan 2023

Lyric Video Color Palettes

When it comes to creating a high quality lyric video, one of the most important factors to consider is the color palette. Choosing the right colors can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic and impact of the video, and can help to enhance the lyrics and the overall message of the song.

The lyric video for Jon Batiste, Pentatonix, Diane Warren – Sweet boasts a fun rainbow color scheme

First and foremost, the color palette should be chosen based on the tone and mood of the song. For example, if the song is energetic and upbeat, using bright and bold colors can help to convey that energy and excitement. On the other hand, if the song is more mellow and emotional, using softer and more muted colors can help to create a more intimate and introspective feel.

Complimentary colors orange & green can be seen in the Fireboy DML & Ed Sheeran – Peru lyric video

In addition to choosing colors based on the tone of the song, it’s also important to consider how the colors will work together. A well-designed color palette will use a combination of colors that complement each other and create a cohesive visual experience. This can be achieved through the use of color theory, which involves choosing colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, or by using a combination of colors that are similar in tone but differ in saturation and value.

Complimentary colors red & blue give off that all-American vibe in the Superhero – Cameron Sacky Band lyric video

Another important factor to consider when choosing a color palette is the overall aesthetic of the video. The colors should be chosen in a way that enhances the overall look and feel of the video, and should be consistent with the visual style of the artist or the music video. For example, if the artist has a particular visual aesthetic that is known for its use of bold, vibrant colors, the color palette for the lyric video should reflect that aesthetic.

Baby blues & baby pinks make up a fun color scheme in the VAVO, nicopop, & ZOHARA – Why Do I? lyric video

In conclusion, choosing a good color palette is crucial for creating a high quality lyric video. By selecting colors that are appropriate for the tone and mood of the song, that work well together, and that enhance the overall aesthetic of the video, you can create a lyric video that is visually stunning and effective at conveying the message of the song.

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