23 Feb 2022

LUV – Goosebumps

Los Angeles artist LUV (formerly known as BEEZEE) wears many hats including that of singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. A talented new poptastic who started her career by studying at Crē8 Music Academy at Westlake Recording Studios. A fan of genre bending music, LUV takes inspiration from her favorite artists growing up including Missy Elliot, Avril Lavigne, Tupac, Biggie, Madonna etc. She attributes her sonic style to dance music and it’s creativity, plus family and friends who constantly share music with her. 

In February LUV released her newest pop single “Goosebumps” via independent music label Higher Luv Records to the world. She says “Goosebumps was inspired by a few movies I watched on Netflix that capture those special relationships that the sight of someone you love can give you goosebumps. Some of those movies include; The Kissing Booth, Moxie, She’s All That, The Perfect Date, and rewatching a classic rom-com favorite, A Walk to Remember. Hope you get those goosebumps with me and let them dance. It is one of my favorite singles because it just dances and expresses goosebumps.” As part of the singles media package, LUV released a professional lyric video which was heavily inspired by the single cover art. Featuring a fun color palette of bright yellow, pink, orange, blue and aqua, this video is a total vibe! “I chose a lyric video for “Goosebumps” because I want others to be able to sing along and have fun with me. Sing to those you love and express your love.” 

The music video is super lyric centric, showcasing a neon glowing retro disco font that matches the cover art. This brand cohesiveness holds a lot of power and really allows for a more impactful song or album release. On top of that, it helps your lyric videos stand out amongst the sea of fan made videos, bringing more traffic to the artist’s officially verified release and channel.  LUV says, “My favorite part of the video is how the colors dance and express what it is like to get goosebumps.”

What’s next for this up and coming indie artist? She says, “I’ll be performing at the Cupid Love Festival on Sessions Live with several upcoming festivals to come. Be sure to follow LUV on Sessions Live for upcoming show dates.” She is also releasing 22 singles this year including upcoming tracks “Winning” (March 3rd), “Entangled Love” (March 30th) and “Kindness” (April 4th). You can follow her across all social media and music streaming platforms.

FB: @easytoluvofficial 
IG: @easytoluvofficial
TikTok: @easytoluvofficial

Check out the Standard lyric video for “Goosebumps” on Higher Luv Records’ YouTube Channel Here:

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