7 Feb 2022

LINC – Too Many Times (feat Big Huddy)

LINC (Matthew Lincoln) was born in California but grew up in Texas and Arizona, where he currently lives. He says “I started pursuing music as more than a hobby in April 2020. I have roughly a 10 song catalog currently and ‘Too Many Times’ is 1 of 4 singles I will be releasing for this body of work.” New on the rap scene, this up and coming artist has already amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. In 2020, he released his debut album titled “Up For Hours” that was well received by new and existing fans alike, and the release of his official music video in April of the same year received over 100,000 views. Fans of the new rapper have even formed a community known as #lincmob and refer to themselves as Mobsters.

On February 4th, LINC released his new single Too Many Times” featuring Big Huddy via Dope City Natives and LA distribution company, Create Music Group Inc. Simultaneously, he released a professional lyric video to pair with the song. When asked about the song LINC said “The song is about the lifestyle my friends and I chose as teenagers and the consequences of those choices. I wanted to shine a light on the dark reality of street life, while honoring them.” He stated this song is different from his other songs, “This is the most personal song I have released to date. I have not shared this side of myself with my fans.” 

When asked why he chose a lyric video for this release he said “I chose a lyric video because I want people to really absorb the lyrics of this song. With this piece of work the message is the most important I want to express.” The video starts with an homage to his fallen compatriots which the rapper says, “My favorite part of the video is the individual spotlight of names for my friends who’ve passed so tragically.” This song has such a poignant message surrounding life and choices and the use of large, bold fonts to display the lyrics was a great choice. The imagery is raw and depicts city life and skylines masked behind edgy dark overlays. This creative technique is enigmatic which can be powerful when the song’s lyrics reflect memories of the past. It’s as if they are screenshots of his youth but slightly clouded and emotionally tainted, which is often the case when we think back to our best and worst moments. I love the flat neon on black color scheme. It creatively elevates the lyric video without pulling too much focus away from the lyrics. 

High quality produced lyric videos such as “Too Many Times” are a perfect example as to why professionally made videos are the preferred option and are the perfect addition to any big release. LINC understands that having lyric videos as an option on your YouTube channel will keep the fans coming back for future songs. The more familiar the fans are to the songs, the more likely they will be able to sing along at live shows as well! What’s next for this fresh new artist? LINC says to expect a few more singles with videos followed by the full album with the intention to tour this project during the summer. You can follow LINC across all social media platforms @theycallmelinc.

Watch the lyric video for LINC’s “Too Many Times” featuring Big Huddy on YouTube here:

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