24 May 2023

Kendra Erika – Double Release

Straight out of Boca Raton, Florida, singer/songwriter Kendra Erika is making waves as one of the newest female artists on the scene. Classically trained as a child, the rising starlet began her musical career performing in local theater productions, winning Florida talent competitions and performing jazz and pop numbers in local restaurants. Kendra released her debut single “Oasis” in 2016 has been turning heads in the industry ever since. With 5 Billboard top ten dance hits and a #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with her Laura Branigan remake of “Self-Control” (produced by Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe & Eric Sanicola), this rousing redhead isn’t slowing down anytime soon. “I’ve released more music that has not particularly charted on the dance chart itself since it’s frozen status since the world conundrum these last couple years, but has reached national and international acclaim and commercial charting, as well as TV appearances.” The singer’s 2022 track “Rapture” was featured on HBO Max’s “Sex Lives of College Girls” as well as “CSI Vegas“. “I recently did a remake, with the help of the iconic Earth Wind and Fire team, of Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft”, which will be coming out May 19 on all platforms.”

In May, Kendra released two new exciting singles – “Thriller Killer” and “Back For More” along with professional lyric videos to pair. We asked why she chose lyric videos to help showcase her new song releases and she said, “For both songs and for every song I release, I wanted to showcase the words. And, because fans and followers have been asking for the lyrics, so I made it visually enjoyable for them.

On the former, Kendra says, “With so much spontaneity, electricity, and intensity in today’s physical, emotional, and mental dynamics today, Andy Kirk and I teamed up energetically to create “Thriller Killer” to be that representation for everyone going through this worldly crossfire. The 80s style driving beat, synths, and vocal nuances indicate a resurgence in what music is, and why it’s there to hit us stronger than a bullet.” The video features stunning shots of the singer from the official “Thriller Killer” music video. With glitter and futuristic glamour, the electrifying images and catchy lyrics are brought to life. The lyrics are displayed with a yellow and cyan brush style font which match perfectly with the neon lights. The song has since amassed to over 1.1 million views and over 100,000 streams on Spotify, which she says is her most far reached song she’s had to date.

Cowritten by Damon Sharpe (Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue) and herself, “Back For More” dons a more proactive energy but as Kendra states, is a tasteful continuation of the kinds of projects she is known for. “We wanted to create a song that was a vindication kind of mantra to all those thirsty people who are looking for the next best thing, and in the midst of them doing that, sometimes they don’t know what they have in front of them. Especially in relationship dynamics, the most naturally treasured gems of people are most always taken for granted and not given the respect they deserve. Hence, that when that gem of a person is missing from their lives, or even just experiencing a two second absence of their energy, the person who didn’t cherish them for their uniqueness, is gonna want to come back for more. In essence, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This lyric video features titillating shots of the songstress from a recent photoshoot tinted in red and monochrome. The contrast is sharp and powerful and helps spotlight the lyrics. Rocking the classic little black dress with some thigh-highs, Kendra keeps things spicy and it’s obvious why they keep coming back for more. We asked Kendra he favorite part of the lyric videos and she said, “The lyrics! Duh.” Touché.

What’s up next for the up and coming artist? She says, “I have shows coming up in the near future. As far as an album goes, that’s still up in the air, and I don’t even know when that will happen myself. The next major single will be dropping mid summer! I also have two feature films I’m working on, and filming this summer as well.” You can follow Kendra Erika across all social media and music streaming platforms or check out her website at www.kendraerika.com

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