18 May 2023

Kazha – We Dream Again Forever

in 2009, the rock band Kazha was founded in LA by Japanese singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Kazuha Oda and Japanese guitarist & composer, Hideki Matsushige. Currently located in Memphis, Tennessee, the band first made their debut in Japan with the release of their first EP "Breathe Through Your Dreams" in September of 2009. The band is known for their hard rock sound with a touch of heavy metal.  They currently tour nationally as the "Official Ambassador of Music Export Memphis" representing the birth place of rock'n'roll. Vocalist Kazuha is a classically trained singer with experience across all musical genres including heavy metal. Her work has appeared on the iTunes top 100 charts and has worked along side many great musicians including Grammy Award winner and Jazz icon, Bob James. "Kazha represents a new future of music: a fusion of cultures and musical view points that create their sound, combining the softness of a falling feather and the heaviness of a hurricane."

In 2022, the band released their newest album titled “Reflection” showcasing acoustic renditions of popular tracks from previous albums. The album features a new emotional song titled “We Dream Again Forever“. Kazuha says “I wrote this song when my mom lost her dog and her mom around the same time. The song is about a person or animal that passed away, and the feelings of us who are left behind. The song has a meanings like “I believe you are watching over me” “We will all meet again someday” “Let’s be happy and keep our smiles until we meet again”“. We asked Kazuha how this track differs from previous releases and she said, “This may be our first song that is closer to “pop” rather than rock/metal songs that we’ve released. I believe this song can reach/relate to many more people than we ever did.

Teaming up with LyricVids, Kazha wanted to create a lyric video that expressed the strong emotion behind the song’s meaning. Kazuha said she chose a lyric video for this song because “I wanted the listeners to get the image and understand of the story/meaning behind the song.” The video features picturesque footage of gardens and flowers, blue skies and a lovable golden retriever. Throughout the video, fans are warmed by these images and certainly form a connection with the cuddly pooch. Although the circle of life takes it’s natural course, viewers are reminded that the memories of our loved ones will always live on in our hearts. The two-tone visuals allude to the idea of a memory with the bright colors representing the present and the black and white signifying the retrospection. The font is displayed in a stylized brush script, fading in as the lyrics are sung. We asked Kazuha what her favorite part of the lyric video was and she said, “Everything was beautiful and perfectly described what I wanted to tell.

What’s up next for Kazha? They say, “Many shows are coming up this year. We’ll be performing at several conventions and festivals around the USA. Any confirmed show will be on our website: www.kazha.net” You can follow Kazha across all social media and music streaming platforms!


Watch Kazha’s “We Dream Again Forever” Lyric Video on YouTube Here:

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