5 Nov 2021

Kash Doll – Like A Pro (feat. Juicy J)

Some might say that Detroit, Michigan was the birthplace for a whole genre of music. In the 1930’s and the 1940’s east side neighborhoods became the hub for music and entertainment for blues and jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald. This booming night scene was soon destroyed and replaced with city infrastructure leaving a void in the city that needed to be filled. In the 1950s, Motown Records emerged bringing music back to the city and even played a crucial role in social issues including racial integration. Detroit has given the world some the greatest artists of all time including Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Madonna, Eminem and Lizzo. In recent years, Kash Doll is a name that needs adding to that list.

Born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, this fiery female rap star didn’t always have things all glitz and glamour. Born in Detroit, Kash Doll lost her father on her 1st birthday. Growing up the eldest of 6 siblings, she had no choice but to work multiple jobs to help her family survive. Music has always been in her heart and she would often perform for friends and family and began writing short stories and poetry at a young age. Combining that passion, she began writing lyrics and would often rap at the clubs she worked at. Using the money she earnt, she was able to open 2 beauty bars and began to invest in herself and her music career. In 2014, Kash Doll released her debut mixtape ‘Keisha vs. Kash Doll‘. Although stuck in a toxic recording contract, her music garnered the attention of some of the biggest names in the game. Rick Ross was so impressed, he gave her a free verse and Drake invited her to open during his Detroit shows. After many years of fighting for her musical freedom, Kash Doll was finally able to move on and signed with Republic. In 2018, this boss babe received the BMI Social Star Award as well as the “Issa Wave Award” at the BET Social Awards and in 2019, she was nominated for a BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. Not only is she dedicated to her music, Kash Doll has given back to her hometown through her B.A.D. Girls initiative which donates prom dresses and styling to young women in the area. Her charitable work was recognized by the city who gave her the “Spirit Of Detroit” award.

In July, Kash Doll teamed up with Tennessee rap star, Juicy J for her hot new single ‘Like A Pro‘. Simultaneously, the duo released a professionally produced lyric video for their track which is just as epic as the song. ‘Like A Pro’ has me feeling nostalgic, taking me back to 2000s hip hop when it was all about the bling! The lyric video is catered to suit, showcasing all things luxurious and there is no artist more fitting to flaunt than Kash Doll herself. This music video is bodacious and eye-catching with numerous things all happening at once.

Throughout the video we see rotating diamonds, cash piles, expensive cars, yachts, Corinthian pillars, Chanel bags and of course, sexy men and women. This track is a total flex anthem and the visuals help paint that picture. What’s great about this lyric video is that the imagery really matches the lyrics. During the line “Everybody keep at least a hundred ’round me“, we see one hundred dollar bills at the top and bottom of the video panning across the screen in opposite directions. Also when she says “Crib on the water, put a lot of cash down” we see 2 huge yachts on the water with a big platinum chain hanging down from the top of the video and crystal clear diamonds on the sides. My favorite scene is when Kash Doll says “I ain’t even take the purse off” and we can see inside the Chanel bag revealing white marble background and the lyrics pop out and read “It’s Chanel lambskin bitch“. This track has a high-energy beat and the video transitions in the music video complement it perfectly. It’s fast paced and I love how the whole video shakes during the hook. The production features are really impressive, for instance during the hook Juicy J says “Back it up, don’t stop” and the whole lyric video flips upside down to reveal the next line, “you a pro with it“. The lyric reveals are creative and the font choices are sassy. From shiny metals to glistening gold bars, the words bounce around the screen, fall from the top and appear from the sides.

Music videos like Kash Doll’s ‘Like A Pro‘ is a great example of wanting to portray a theme to a video without having to deal with the hassle of film production (especially during a pandemic). This lyric video is extra just like the energy on the track and I truly don’t think there are any artists in the game right now more deserving of their self-made success than Kash Doll. With over 1 billion streams world wide, this rap queen will continue to turn heads and spit bars for a very long time.

Check out the luxurious lyric video for Kash Doll’s ‘Like A Pro‘ (feat. Juicy J) on YouTube here

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