7 Sep 2023

Julie Kinscheck – You Are

In the realm of independent music, Julie Kinscheck stands as a true luminary. Hailing from Ithaca, New York and now a Bostonian, Julie has woven her passion for music and love for God into a remarkable career spanning decades. She’s not just a singer-songwriter and guitarist; she’s also a dedicated voice professor at Berklee College of Music. With four full-length albums under her belt, extensive international airplay, and even charting in Austria, Julie’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

This summer, Julie embarked on a creative collaboration with LyricVids to produce a professional lyric video for her new single, You Are.” This song, in her own words, “is my personal love song to God… sharing many of God’s wonderful qualities and character traits like mercy, forgiveness, beauty in the natural world and His special relationship with me“.

So, what sets “You Are” apart from Julie’s previous releases? The singer says, “Many of my songs are a bit jazzy (this has a scat solo) – but also folky or poppy. My songs can be based on stories or relationships or messages- but they are always pointing to hope… this one has no struggle in it and very little humor that you will find in many of my other songs. Most of my songs are about life from my perspective- love songs, songs about my children, about a broken home, about the homeless, or about being an absolute mess! Some songs rock heavier or lean more country- but they always exhibit strong emotion and sometimes gymnastic vocals… usually lots of harmony, too

One of the most striking aspects of Julie’s lyric video for “You Are” is the way it captures her deep love for art and nature. LyricVids employed a creative transition style that transforms stunning natural landscapes into paintings, mirroring the song’s themes of divine love and creation. From majestic mountains to serene ocean sunsets, vibrant flowers to cascading waterfalls, each scene seamlessly transitions into an artistic masterpiece, perfectly aligning with the song’s message.

The video features two fonts—a clear, easy-to-read serif font and a beautiful script font. This dual-font approach allows for emphasis on key lyrics and essential phrases. Colors for both fonts are extracted directly from the scenes, creating a harmonious blend between the visuals and the lyrics—a creative technique that enhances the overall viewing experience.

We had the opportunity to ask Julie about her favorite parts of the lyric video, and her enthusiasm was palpable. She particularly cherishes the moment where she sings, “you’re in every direction, you are high and you are low,” against the backdrop of a breathtaking ocean sunset. The scat section, energized by the sounds of running water, resonated with her, especially how the cropping of scenes followed the flow of the water—both vertical and horizontal. Julie also expressed her love for the beautiful mountain and flower choices featured throughout the video, which perfectly complement the song’s mood. And, of course, the endearing laughing old man scene added a touch of warmth and humor.

For independent artists like Julie Kinscheck, a professional lyric video is a strategic choice. It not only enhances the listener’s engagement with the song but also serves as a powerful promotional tool. Julie recognizes the potential of this lyric video to draw viewers to her YouTube channel, where her extensive library of live videos and music awaits discovery. Moreover, as a professor at Berklee College of Music, Julie can share this video with her students, using it as an educational tool to explore the creative intersection of music and visuals.

What’s next for Julie? She says she’s in preproduction of a new EP with an important and secret producer out of Nashville – we can’t wait to find out more! You can catch her live almost every week at her church in Lowell, MA – you can contact her for more information on any of her social media pages or her website www.julieksings.com. You can also stream her music on Spotify or her YouTube!

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCHKtKwAAqiyonz-flT90Ypg

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/QueenOfSCAT/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenofscat/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/julieksings

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliekinscheck/

Check out the “You Are” lyric video on Julie Kinscheck’s YouTube here:

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