6 Feb 2023

jCrizzy – Nothing (ft. Mickey Shiloh & Somong)

Hailing from Queens, New York but with roots in the Philippines, jCrizzy is a versatile hip hop artist who has made a name for himself in the Bay Area of Northern California. Growing up in the East Bay, jCrizzy honed his musical skills and has been entertaining fans with his unique sound and style since 2015. At the young age of 11, his mother purchased their first used computer, providing jCrizzy with the opportunity to record his own beat-box and rap/sing over them. And at 13, while browsing a bookstore with his father, he stumbled upon his first music making program and the rest was history. With a solid music catalogue under his belt, jCrizzy is a must-listen for hip hop lovers everywhere. He wants to share his story and his cultural heritage through his music, fusing East Coast and West Coast vibes to create a signature sound that is all his own.

Rapper jCrizzy’s latest release “Nothing” featuring Mickey Shiloh and Somong has been creating waves in the music industry. The January 27th release showcases a more R’n’B vibe with Mickey’s sultry vocals and a hypnotic beat. This collaboration between the music industry mogul / entrepreneur Mickey Shiloh, Korean-American singer/songwriter/music producer Somong, and jCrizzy, has resulted in a smooth and captivating track that is sure to be a hit with fans. The blending of different musical styles and cultures makes this song a standout in the current music landscape. “‘Nothing’ is about giving someone everything, or nothing at all. When you love someone truly and deeply, it becomes so second nature that it seems like there’s nothing to it. On the other hand, you can try to love someone and do all you can to make it work, but if it’s not meant to be, it’ll turn into nothing in the end.” We asked the artist how this song differs from his other releases and he said, “I think the way this record came together with the incredible artists that agreed to help me create it made the vibe so dope! Definitely one of my favorites. As soon as I made the beat I and came up with the lyrics, I knew exactly who I needed to tap for this. Thankfully it all aligned. The level of talent on the track is definitely what makes it different.

Recording artist jCrizzy has released a professional amd dynamic lyric video to accompany his latest single release, “Nothing“. The video features eye-catching visuals such as fire, burning hearts, diamonds, and falling money, adding an extra layer of meaning to the lyrics. The playful use of emoticons, such as the kitty cat and mind-blowing face emoji, adds a fun touch to the video. The lyrics are displayed using two bold fonts: an old English-style serif font and an easy-to-read sans-serif font. This use of contrasting fonts is beneficial in a lyric video as it helps the viewer follow along with the lyrics, making it an enjoyable experience for both the casual and avid music listener. The video’s darker color palette of blacks and reds matches the overall ‘burning love’ theme of the song, creating a cohesive and memorable viewing experience. The combination of powerful imagery, playful elements, and clear lyrics make this lyric video a standout among jCrizzy’s work and a must-watch for any R’n’B fans.

We asked the rapper why he chose an animated lyric video for this track and he said, “I chose a lyric video for this song because I wanted the listener to be able to take the record in a more meaningful way. I want the listener/viewer to be in the moment both audibly and visually and rather than see a depiction of a story (as in a music video), visualize their own moments in time where they have experienced the same things…The video as a whole is amazing. LyricVids Creatives definitely know how to deliver exactly what a record needs. My favorite part of it all I would say is that they were able to match the vibe of the artwork and feeling of the record with the themes of the video. Truly a masterpiece!

Up next for jCrizzy? He says he is constantly creating and trying to elevate his music. He plans on having more song released this year. “I enjoy seeing people from around the world tapping in. My favorite thing is seeing all the different countries where listeners are from.” You can follow him across all music streaming and social media platforms or check out his website at www.jcrizzy.com

IG is @jcrizzy
Twitter @jcrizzwald
TikTok @jcrizzwald

Watch the lyric video for jCrizzy’s “Nothing” ft. Mickey Shiloh & Somong on YouTube here:

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