9 Oct 2023

How To Make A Hauntingly Awesome Lyric Video

As the crisp autumn air creeps in and the leaves transform into a symphony of fiery hues, it’s time to embrace the spirit of the season with a musical twist. At LyricVids, we’re summoning all the eerie energy of October to bring you lyric videos and animated music videos that will send shivers down your spine!

For all you rock aficionados out there, imagine the spine-tingling guitar riffs and haunting vocals paired with visuals that dance in the moonlight. Dark color palettes featuring deep purples, ominous blacks, and blood-red accents can set the stage for a rock anthem that’s as visually striking as it is audibly powerful.

Ren – Masochist

The right font can make or break the spooky aesthetic. Gothic fonts, dripping letters, and ghostly scripts can add an extra layer of eeriness to your lyric videos. Picture lyrics that materialize on screen like ghostly apparitions, enhancing the overall impact of the music.

Choosing the right colors is crucial to capturing the essence of Halloween. Deep, mysterious blues, charcoal grays, and spectral greens can create an atmospheric backdrop for your videos. These colors not only enhance the spooky atmosphere but also make your content visually stunning.

Jeris Johnson – Crisis

Picture this: haunted forests, abandoned castles, and fog-draped graveyards. These stock images can serve as the perfect backdrop for your lyric videos. Spooky silhouettes, hovering bats, and twisted trees add layers of mystique, creating an immersive experience for your audience.

Go beyond the ordinary with custom illustrations that breathe life (or should we say, afterlife) into your music. Imagine creepy creatures, spectral figures, or even a mischievous black cat weaving its way through the lyrics. These illustrations can be tailored to your song’s theme, making it a unique and memorable visual experience.

Shawn James – No Blood From A Stone

Now, you might be wondering, “Why go through all this trouble?” Well, my friends, this isn’t just about embracing the season—it’s about seizing a golden marketing opportunity! Share these spooktacular lyric videos on YouTube and Social Media, and watch as the views rise like the undead on a moonlit night. Engage with your fans, encourage them to share, and before you know it, your music will be haunting playlists worldwide.

Zomboy – Monsters (feat. Micah Martin)

Examples that Cast a Spell:

Rock Anthem:

Color Palette: Deep purples, fiery reds, and shadowy blacks
Typography: Gothic font with a subtle drip effect
Stock Imagery: Graveyards with misty tendrils and silhouetted tombstones

Electronic Eerie Beats:

Color Palette: Electric blues, eerie greens, and pulsating neons
Typography: Futuristic and glitchy, with an otherworldly glow
Custom Illustrations: Glowing ghosts and glitchy specters floating through the lyrics

Merkules & The Game – Death Wish

So, why settle for a mundane lyric video when you can conjure a visual masterpiece that embodies the spirit of October? At LyricVids, we’re here to transform your music into an immersive experience that captivates and enthralls. Dive into the darkness with us, and let’s make this October a musical journey through the shadows.

Are you ready to embrace the haunting melodies? Shoot us an email, and let’s brew up something spellbinding together! 🧙‍♂️🎃🎶

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