30 Nov 2023

Hip-Hop Legend Havoc of Mobb Deep Revolutionizes Music Collab with Gen Z Artists via Innovative Tech for Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary

The renowned East Coast hip-hop artist Havoc has partnered with the innovative music technology platform OurSong to release his new EP album, “Cool, Calm & Collected,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Using OurSong’s technology, Havoc initiated a new way of global music collaboration by sharing both his audio file and stems from an unreleased track on this fully digital platform. This  sparked a month-long “OurOG” Remix Challenge that saw nearly a hundred musicians from Asia, Europe, and the US contributing their remixes. 

Havoc selected six exceptional remixes from all submissions and compiled them as the “Cool, Calm & Collected” EP album. The outcome? The EP pays homage to the legacy of hip-hop and showcases how technology bridges the gap between cultures, ages and continents in future of music industry.

The EP’s accompanying lyric video, produced by LyricVids, adds another layer to the collaborative narrative. Featuring Havoc and Henri Anderson, a producer from OurSong and the top winner of the “OurOG” Remix Challenge, the video is a visual feast that complements the track’s urban vibe.

Why choose a lyric video for such a dynamic project? According to the collaborators, lyrics are the essence of hip-hop, and a lyric video was the perfect medium to showcase the heart and soul of “Cool, Calm & Collected.” The chosen theme—Urban City/Nightscape—captures the gritty, raw essence of hip-hop. The red and black color treatment aligns with Henri Anderson’s remix cover, creating a visual synergy that enhances the overall experience. The focus on the lyrics and the urban grunge feel bring the song’s narrative to life in a way that traditional music videos might miss.

Beyond the artistic choices, there’s a practical aspect to lyric videos. In an era where production costs can skyrocket, lyric videos offer a cost-effective alternative to shooting a full music video. The focus on typography, imagery, and thematic elements allows artists to convey their message without needing elaborate sets and production crews, making it a savvy choice for independent artists and labels alike.

So, what’s next for OurSong? According to the team, 2024 holds a significant shift as the platform opens access to more legal, licensed, and high-quality music. The goal is to empower musicians across the spectrum, from beatmakers to producers, top-liners to instrumentalists. OurSong continues to optimize its service, positioning itself as a catalyst for the next wave of musical innovation.

In a world without boundaries, the “Cool, Calm & Collected” EP proves that music can transcend borders and inspire generations. OurSong‘s platform empowers musicians worldwide, giving them the tools to create, distribute, and get paid fairly. The EP is now available on all major streaming platforms. Check it out now!

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