4 Nov 2021

Gabe Kubanda – Damn Plans

Music is a language that the whole world speaks. It can impact our moods, create poignant memories or teach us things about ourselves that we did not already know. American musician Gabe Kubanda uses music as a platform to do all the above and more. His expressive indie-pop song ‘Damn Plans’ is a coming-of-age lesson that is coupled with a touching professional lyric video.  

The drawings in the background present a nostalgic theme

Independent artist Gabe Kubanda has been in the music industry since 2001. Originally from Washington, Kubanda is now based out of Phoenix, Arizona. A career in music was always on the horizon for this singer/songwriter. Graduating from UCLA for Music Business in 2003, Kubanda went on to co-found the ‘Epic Proportions Tour’ in 2011. Performing to approximately 250,000 fans per tour, EPT builds recognition for upcoming bands by playing free concerts at high schools, colleges and military bases across America and internationally. In that same year, Kubanda also appeared on Season 2 of Vh1 Classic’s, Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp.

The script font resembles handwritten diary entries

This pop star’s resume does not end there. Through making his own alternative-pop music and running EPT, Kubanda founded Edumusication in 2018, his non-profit music education program aimed at promoting music in schools and working with educators and school districts using workshops, lectures and other tools. In 2019, the international touring artist released an upbeat pop single titled ‘Damn Plans’. This catchy tune is all about figuring yourself out and making mistakes but learning from them at the same time. Kubanda is known for his powerful lyrics and his alt-pop energetic sound. ‘Damn Plans’ is a poetic and moving song that teaches us not to get so caught up the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s of life. 

This lyric video is poetic and moving

In February 2019, Kubanda paired his ‘Damn Plans’ single release with a really positive and inspiring professional lyric video. This video is a great example of how to visually represent an independent artist’s brand or song theme. This lyric video clearly took influence from Kubanda’s single cover art for ‘Damn Plans’, creating consistency for the song release. Considering this harmonic indie-pop track is all about figuring out our hopes and dreams while assessing reality at the same time, I love the visual choices for the background. Fans see a flowing river of handwritten pages and drawings. These notes symbolize an inside look at what could be somebody’s journal or their inner most thoughts and ambitions. We see drawings of the future and sketches of inventions which are interpreted to be from the imagination of our younger selves. This is relatable to the viewer and creates a nostalgic and moving mood to the video. Behind the pages, there are clouds being carried through a blue sky. In art, white clouds often symbolize inner consciousness and life goals, and the sky represents our dreams, which is exceptionally fitting for this lyric video.

The black font allows the colors in the drawings to pop

The introduction font is an exact replica of the font used in the cover art and when placed over the background visuals, we see a reproduction of the single art altogether. The creative decision to go subtle with the lyrics and the font style paid off very well. A black hand-written script style font was used, and this color choice allows for the pop of colour from the drawings in the background to really shine through. To further perpetuate the story that this song is trying to tell, the lyrics appear on the screen as if it were somebody’s diary and the lyrics are the entry, and the fans get to sing along to the memorable hit. Gabe Kubanda’s career is filled with passion for music and his ability to reach out an motivate a new generation to love music is truly heartening. ‘Damn Plans’ teaches all of his fans a valuable lesson and the lyric video is equally as impactful. Professional lyric videos are a key element in visually representing an artist and their vision to their viewers and in Kubanda’s case, we are all inspired.

Check out Gabe Kubanda’s unique lyric video for ‘Damn Plans‘ on YouTube here:

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