18 Sep 2023

Dirty Needles – Rookie Card feat. Supastition

In the ever-evolving world of hip-hop, where artists constantly push the boundaries of creativity, collaborations that transcend generations are rare gems. Enter Dirty Needles, a seasoned rapper hailing from the shores of Cleveland, Ohio. Having honed his skills for over two decades, he has recently teamed up with the lyric video maestros at LyricVids to deliver something truly special: a captivating lyric video for his latest track, “Rookie Card,” featuring North Carolina underground legend Supastition.

Dirty Needles may have been creating music for years, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he decided to share his artistry with the world officially. In that time, he’s blessed the game with two full-length albums and two EPs. “Rookie Card” is a stand-alone single, a braggadocious track about flexing lyrical dexterity on the microphone. As Dirty Needles himself puts it, “We’re just rapping about how good we are at rapping. Nothing more, nothing less.

What makes this track stand out from his previous releases is the remarkable collaboration with Supastition, an artist who holds a place in Dirty Needles’ top 5 artists of all time. It’s a collaboration that exudes humility and respect for the craft, making “Rookie Card” an exciting addition to both artists’ repertoires.

For this project, Dirty Needles and LyricVids decided to go the lyric video route, a choice that aimed to place the focus squarely on the lyrical content rather than the standard visuals against a random backdrop. The result is a lyric video that is as captivating as it is immersive.

The video features stunning time-lapse montages of the city, capturing the hustle and bustle of people on their way to work, cars navigating the freeway through the urban landscape, and public transit zipping its way through the cityscape. This urban imagery sets the stage for the lyrical intensity that is about to unfold.

Interwoven with these cityscapes are shots of blazing fires, adding a layer of intensity and energy to the visual experience. The use of color treatment, alternating between red and blue, creates a striking contrast that mirrors the song’s lyrical intensity and boldness. All of this imagery is enclosed within a rounded frame with an outer grunge texture, adding a layer of authenticity and grit to the visuals.

However, the real star of this lyric video is, of course, the lyrics themselves. Presented in an easy-to-read Sans Serif font that alternates between red and blue, the lyrics are the focal point of the entire video. This choice is significant as it’s crucial for viewers to engage with and absorb the wordplay presented.

As Dirty Needles points out, “Seeing our words literally jump off the screen is pretty cool.” It’s one thing to hear the lyrics, but to witness them take shape on the screen emphasizes the artistry and craftsmanship behind the verses. Each line, each rhyme, and each clever wordplay is given the spotlight it deserves, enhancing the viewer’s appreciation for the song’s lyrical depth.

What’s next for the Cleveland rapper? He says, “I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s supported me over the last 6 years in creating and releasing music. Peace, love, and hair grease lol. Currently, I’m promoting this loosie single “Rookie Card”. Next down the pipeline is my album I did with this producer named Reese Tanaka called “Happy Accidents”. It’s loosely based on Bob Ross, and I think everyone will enjoy it. It is definitely different for me production-wise and my most mainstream-sounding album since my first project.


Check out the lyric video for “Rookie Card” feat. Supastition on Dirty Needles’ YouTube page here:

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