25 Sep 2023

Cody Hibbard – Bend

At LyricVids, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredible artists over the years, but there are certain projects that touch our hearts more deeply than others. Our recent venture with Oklahoma country singer Cody Hibbard for his song “Bend” is one of those special projects. Cody Hibbard, hailing from Adair, OK, has a unique story that shaped his journey into the world of music. Born and raised on a family farm, Cody’s love for music began to flourish after his time at the United States Naval Academy. Injuries redirected his path to pipelining, where he discovered his passion for singing and songwriting around fellow blue-collar workers. Since then, Cody has released several singles and EPs, building a dedicated fan base and hitting millions of streams along the way.

Cody Hibbard is no stranger to LyricVids. We’ve had the privilege of working with him multiple times, but this time, it was for something particularly special – his song “Bend.” When we asked Cody why he chose a lyric video for this track, he shared, “I always enjoyed, as a kid, watching the official music videos and the lyric videos. As a songwriter, it always gave a different presentation and perspective of a song.

As for the song itself, Cody explained, “This song is about our service members and their partners. It’s about how a service member can go through the chaos and challenges of deployment and how the partner is there to build them up, and together they grow stronger. People want to know about that bond that holds a service member’s family together.” Cody’s deeply personal and emotional connection to the subject matter shines through in “Bend.

The lyric video for the single is a moving tribute that combines heartfelt lyrics, Cody’s soulful vocals, and an array of fan-submitted photos of service members, their partners, and other family members in uniform. These images encompass various branches of the armed forces, police officers, firefighters, and more. The video’s format resembles a photo album, and the lyrics are displayed in a label-maker font, reminiscent of photo captions in a cherished book.

What truly makes this lyric video stand out is Cody’s decision to involve his fans in the creation process. By allowing them to submit their own photos of service members, he not only honors the brave individuals serving his country but also showcases his deep appreciation for his fans. Cody expressed his gratitude, saying, “My favorite part is definitely the service members that contributed. All of them are fans, friends, or family, so it’s awesome to put this together with y’all.” This collaborative effort not only brings authenticity to the video but also reinforces the bond between Cody and his dedicated supporters.

For us at LyricVids, working on a project like this lyric video was an honor. It allowed us to pay our respects to the service members who sacrifice so much for their country while highlighting Cody Hibbard’s profound connection with his fans. Together, we created a lyric video that tugs at the heartstrings, reminding us of the importance of these service people and the unwavering support of their loved ones.

What’s next for this rising country singer? He says, “More shows, more music, and more lyric videos!” and we can’t wait! Tour dates, new music, video links and more can all be found at https://www.codyhibbard.com/. You can also listen to his music on all streaming platforms and follow him across social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codyhibbardmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/codyhibbard_/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@codyhibbard_

Check out the “Bend” lyric video on Cody Hibbard’s official YouTube page here:

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