3 Jun 2024

Chris Erasmus – Outrider

LyricVids is thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with the incredibly talented country singer, Chris Erasmus. Known for his deep connection to the wild, his evocative storytelling, and his rich, soulful voice, Chris has once again chosen LyricVids to bring his music to life visually. This time, we’re celebrating the release of his two new songs: the original track “Outrider” and a cover of the iconic Johnny Cash song, “Hurt”, which is yet to be released.

Chris Erasmus, a country boy from South Africa and Zimbabwe, now resides in London. His life story is nothing short of fascinating. Growing up amidst horses, wild animals, and expansive farms, Chris’s experiences are deeply embedded in his music. “I have been lucky enough to work as a cowboy in Montana, work polo horses in Aussie, and ride through the Botswana delta.” he shares. These adventures have shaped his identity and his artistry, with music and horse riding being his two greatest passions.

His upcoming album, “Outrider“, delves into these experiences. “This album talks about my life as someone who never really fits unless I am in a saddle or singing,” Chris explains. The title track, “Outrider,” touches on themes of identity and the feeling of not quite fitting in, while “Hurt” represents a longstanding personal connection to Johnny Cash’s timeless song.

The lyric video for “Outrider” is a visual masterpiece that perfectly captures the song’s essence. Featuring picturesque vignettes of a cowboy and his horses in silhouette, some of these silhouettes are of the artist himself, showcasing various scenes set against breathtaking sunset skies. These visuals compliment the song’s theme of solitude and the cowboy’s life, highlighting the freedom and isolation that come with it. Chris’s favorite part of the video? “The video has little hints at the adventures I have had in life, and the way the words flow through it reminds me of the adventures we have when we think we are trying to do something else entirely,” he says. This sentiment is echoed in the seamless blend of imagery and lyrics, creating a narrative that resonates with viewers on a personal level.

When asked why he chose an animated lyric video for this release, Chris emphasized the importance of engaging the audience’s imagination. “Sometimes to speak to someone, you have to let their imagination connect with the story. The animation just hints a little at mine, whilst letting theirs go wild,” he explains. The abstract nature of animation allows fans to project their interpretations and connect more deeply with the music and its story.

Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure for us at LyricVids. His appreciation for our professionalism and creativity means a lot. “Working with LyricVids has been an amazing experience. Their professionalism and creativity are a joy to work with. It’s always an honor to share creativity with talented people,” Chris shares.

With the release of “Outrider” and “Hurt“, Chris is setting the stage for his upcoming album, also titled “Outrider” which is set to release next month. Fans can look forward to a collection of songs that are raw, authentic, and deeply personal, reflecting Chris’s journey and the life he’s lived.

Check out the lyric video for “Outrider” on Chris’ Official YouTube channel here:

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