26 Apr 2024

Chris Erasmus – Coal Train to New York

In a world where music often transcends boundaries, genres, and cultures, the collaboration between LyricVids and singer-songwriter Chris Erasmus marks a significant milestone in the art of storytelling through visuals. Hailing from Zimbabwe and now finding his home in the bustling streets of London, Chris brings a fresh take on his music, promising a new chapter in his already exciting career.

The partnership between LyricVids and Chris Erasmus blossomed with the creation of the lyric video for his latest single, “Coal Train to New York“. In a conversation with Chris, he shared the essence of the song, describing it as a journey towards happiness, dreams, and the pursuit of one’s aspirations. “It isn’t always easy, and it’s loads of fun to take someone you love with you. I love trains and what they symbolize and their history. A coal train very much sums up the road and adventure I have been on so far. We get dirty and have our challenges but keep working, keep dreaming.” Chris explains. The song, which embodies his adventurous spirit and rural spirit, serves as a testament to resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

The lyric video crafted by LyricVids serves as the perfect visual companion to Chris Erasmus’s narrative. Featuring breathtaking scenic images reminiscent of train journeys through mountains and landscapes, the video encapsulates the essence of being on a “Coal Train to New York“. Each scene, carefully curated to mimic the sights one would encounter on a train ride, adds depth and meaning to the song’s lyrics. What makes the lyric video truly captivating is its artistic approach. Set against a canvas texture, the still images evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, akin to paintings from a bygone era. The music video’s choice of imagery, including railroad tracks and train crossings, reinforces the theme of travel and exploration, mirroring his own journey through life.

Furthermore, subtle color droppings in each scene add an artistic flair, breathing life into the monochrome images. These moving shapes, resembling pieces of art, serve as visual metaphors for the myriad experiences one encounters on the road to fulfillment. The typography used in the lyric video is equally deliberate and impactful. With two unique fonts—a bold, handwritten sans serif and a brush stroke font—the lyrics come alive on the screen, mirroring the singer’s creative vision. Chris describes the lyric video as an “art piece” emphasizing the idea of painting one’s journey on a canvas of life.

When asked about his decision to opt for an animated lyric video, the artist eloquently states, “Songs are stories and paint images and ideas in our heads. Why not bring some of that to life?” His sentiment underscores the power of visual storytelling and its ability to enhance the listener’s experience.

Coal Train to New York” serves as the first glimpse into Chris Erasmus’s upcoming album, “Outrider“, a project born out of collaboration with Scott Jacoby and Eusonia Studios in NYC. With two more singles on the horizon, Chris promises an exciting journey for fans, embracing the diverse sounds of country music. As Chris aptly puts it, “Who doesn’t love a little country?

Check out the lyric video for “Coal Train to New York” on Chris Erasmus’ official YouTube channel here:

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