21 Feb 2023

Burnt Ships – Robbery

Up and coming music duo Burnt Ships is made up of Samoan singer-songwriter Gary King (vocals) and Billboard-charting producer Nonseq (beat duties). A former session singer, King was a member of the Andrae Crouch choir and performed both live and in the studio with them on major label projects, including Michael Jackson’s memorial service; he also opened as a performer for Stevie Wonder. “Gary’s from American Samoa, Non’s from NC but we met in LA at a music conference, hit a studio that night to work on some songs and a group was born!” Fans might know this music group from their guest spots with LA pop artist Trynket on ‘Island Girls‘ and ‘Neverland’ and since then, they were featured on a few official Spotify playlists. This songwriting duo have even had their music appear on MTV, VH1, Bravo, E!, FX and in movies such as the American slasher favorite, Prom Night. Their Spotify playlist titled ‘This is Burnt Ships’ showcases some songs they have produced and/or co-wrote for various artists.

On February 14th, the artist’s released their first solo single titled, “Robbery” via music platform / record label HRDRV. “We tried to have a fresh, contemporary take on cat-and-mouse courtship and it’s partially inspired by Nonseq’s experience getting his heart stolen by a foreign model who shall remain nameless. Sonically it’s a Neptunes/Pharrell meets Bruno Mars kind of vibe.” An impressive first single, there is no question these 2 musicians are insanely talented. We asked how this new track differs from their previous productions and they said, “It’s our first solo release as artists and is the culmination of a certain sound that we’ve been working towards in our productions and writing the past couple of years, a combo of 80s melodicism with visual lyrics that are fresh conceptually and rhythmically. Also we really got to highlight Gary’s falsetto over a dance-friendly track, which is key because we really wanted to drop something for the DJs that have supported us so far.”

To pay proper homage to the cliché that is Valentines Day, the group cleverly released a professional lyric video to accompany their new single drop. We asked why they chose a lyric video for their song and they said, “We’re big lyricheads and are just fans in general of people being able to actually read/see what’s being said while grooving along to the track. This gives fans a fun way of interacting with the song while learning the lyrics.” The video features images of stunning women donning black villain-type masks with glowing red eyes, signifying that these women are in fact the swindlers of love. Other visuals such as diamonds, cash, gold bars and money bags can be seen throughout the video, representing the forbidden loot. Other fun elements include abstract line graphics and lasers, further giving the video that bank heist vibe. We asked the artist’s what their favorite part of the music video was and they said, “Definitely the vault opening with the gems raining down. This video had just the right vibe between danger and a playful kind of sexy. We wanted the video to kind of visually (but not too directly or on the nose) point to the feeling behind movies like “Set it Off” or “Ocean’s 8”, etc.” 

What’s next for these talented newcomers? They say, “Definitely more singles: “Don’t Go Away” featuring Deltron Blac in April, sequel to Robbery in May and a crazy club banger lined up for June.” We can’t wait! You can follow Burnt Ships across all social media and music streaming platforms or can check out their website at www.theburntships.com





Check out the lyric video to Burnt Ships “Robbery” on YouTube here:

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