2 May 2023

Bianca James – Monaco

Singer/songwriter Bianca James had a vibrant Montreal upbringing that shaped her into the artist she is today. With an Italian father and British mother, she developed a unique perspective on life and an unwavering passion for music, singing, and songwriting. Inspired by the electrifying sounds of the 1960s London music scene, Bianca has embarked on an exciting journey that included her selling her Mini Cooper to fund her studio time. Recently, it has led her to collaborate with LyricVids for a custom and professional lyric video for her latest single, “Monaco,” the first track from her highly anticipated debut self-titled album, set to release on August 4th which was produced by 3x Grammy-nominee Rob Kleiner (Sia, David Guetta) and JUNO-award nominated¬†producer Thomas McKay. To add an extra layer of allure to the lively album, Bianca collaborated with Michael Bubl√©’s former musical director, Gene Hardy, on saxophone.

The lyric video features the breathtaking shots from the singer’s photoshoot with award-winning Toronto photographer, Lane Dorsey. She is styled up to 11 in a retro gingham bikini posing beautifully next to a vintage convertible. Everything about it gives off retro luxury and sexy female empowerment energy. According to Bianca, “Monaco” is all about “evoking the feeling of cruising along a sun-drenched, coastal Mediterranean highway in a sporty vintage car. It embodies the artistic desire for more, a fantasy of escaping the greyness of daily life and embracing a wilder version of oneself. With production from JUNO Award-nominated and Platinum-certified producer Thomas McKay, the track captures my adventurous spirit.” Inspired by the legendary 1960s group, The Ventures, and influenced by Bond films and Hollywood screen star Grace Kelly, the song radiates high-energy and transports listeners to a world of glamour and excitement.

When asked why she chose a lyric video for her single, Bianca explained, “I wanted to evoke the sunny, carefree feeling of my song and give people some great visuals to enjoy and be able to sing along to the lyrics!” The collaboration with LyricVids brought her vision to life, combining her stunning retro photos and clean typography to create a custom visual for fans to really embrace who this new budding artist is. Bianca says her favourite moment in the video is the shot of her sitting on the car with her head thrown back, basking in the sun. This visual perfectly captures the essence of the song and represents the carefree, sunny feeling that she wanted to stir up.

Bianca James has an exciting lineup of releases and performances on the horizon. Her second single is set to drop on May 26th, followed by her third single on June 30th, building anticipation for the full album release on August 4th. The album promises to showcase her range as an artist and captivate listeners with enchanting melodies and compelling lyrics. Additionally, Bianca has been invited to perform a live acoustic set on the Alexis Conran Show on Times Radio in London, England, on July 9th. This performance marks the beginning of her tour in London and other cities across Europe, where fans will have the opportunity to experience her captivating presence firsthand.

As her debut self-titled album release approaches, the anticipation grows for the enchanting melodies and introspective storytelling that Bianca will deliver. Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a musical journey with Bianca James as she takes the world by storm.





Check out the lyric video for Bianca James’ “Monaco” on YouTube here:

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