28 Jun 2024

Bae Baracus – Move Into The Sea

We at LyricVids are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Bae Baracus, a genre-defying trio from the West Coast of Canada, for their new single “Move Into The Sea” and its accompanying animated lyric video. Bae Baracus, influenced by post-punk and indie electro, brings a unique sound that leans into an “end of a festival set” ballad vibe with this latest release. Despite recording together only intermittently over the past four years, their creative synergy has produced an impressive body of work, thanks to their fast-paced and inspired sessions.

On June 28th, Bae Baracus dropped their brand new song titled “Move Into The Sea” along with an official animated lyric video. Discussing the song’s inspiration, the band shared, “When we were writing material for our new album ‘Release‘, we were chatting about the way society is getting even more divided. The rich are for sure getting way richer, with so many others struggling with layoffs, the cost of living, and the housing crisis. While our content is always serious in theme, we sometimes take a bit of a smart Alec approach, and that’s how ‘Move Into The Sea’ turned out – it’s a sardonic comment on perhaps the only option left for us pesky 99%.”

This song stands out from their previous releases by adopting a more indie-pop vibe, moving away from their typical electronic-led sound. The lyric video features the trio bobbing around in cartoon scuba suits under the sea, with bold lyrics appearing across the screen. These visual themes perfectly complement the song’s sardonic and tongue-in-cheek approach, enhancing the humor and satire in their commentary on social issues. The decision to go with cartoon animation plays into their witty and playful style, making the video not only engaging but also a perfect visual representation of the song’s message.

When asked why they chose an animated lyric video for this release, the band explained, “We love straight-up lyric-only videos, but because the song has a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach lyrically, it seemed fitting to turn the whole band into cartoons.” The members’ favourite part of the lyric video is seeing themselves as scuba-diving cartoons, adding a fun and personal touch to the project. They expressed their gratitude, saying, “Thanks for the support, LyricVids – it’s always great working with you!”

Up next for Bae Baracus is the promotion of their recently released full-length album, “Release” with “Move Into The Sea” serving as the closing track. The album has already garnered significant attention, with numerous blog posts, radio spins, and playlist additions. Having only performed live once, the band is now shifting focus to live performances. They have a big show on August 16th at the infamous Roberts Creek Legion, with more shows to follow in the fall.

Check out the lyric video for Bae Baracus’ “Move Into The Sea” on YouTube now:

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