17 May 2024

Audriix – Post-it Notes

Collaborating with the multi-talented pop artist Audriix on the lyric video for her single “Post-it Notes” has been an exciting venture. Growing up in Northern California, the singer’s musical journey began at age two and includes mastering multiple instruments and songwriting. With degrees from Stanford University, she self-produced her early work, releasing her debut EP, Colors, in 2015, followed by her full-length album, Status Change, in 2019. Known for empowering themes, her music, including hits like “Taking Back My Life” and “Victim” resonates with listeners.

Post-it Notes” is a heartfelt reflection on the struggle of leaving a toxic relationship, inspired by Audriix’s personal experience. “It was inspired by the huge difficulty I had getting out of an abusive engagement to a narcissist — though I knew he was abusive and mistreating me, I still couldn’t let go of how much I loved him. The song was inspired by Post-it notes I would leave on my bathroom mirror to fight the cognitive dissonance and remind myself that the relationship was bad and that I deserved better. I had been gaslit so much and blamed by my ex fiance that I sometimes started to believe that I was the problem. The Post-it notes reminded me I wasn’t and that the only way I could get out of the cycle was to be the one to make the first move to ending the relationship.” The song captures the agonizing tug-of-war between the desire to hold on and the imperative to let go, beautifully articulated through the delicate and reflective vocal delivery.

We asked the singer how this song differs from her previous releases and she said, “This song is vocally different from my other releases. It’s the first song where I sing the verses in a very light falsetto. Originally, the verses were sung in chest voice an octave lower, but it’s a pretty delicate concept and is a very reflective and internal song, so we decided an octave higher falsetto fit that reflective quality better. The song is more of a conversation within myself than a conversation to someone else. It really shows the internal struggle between how my heart feels and what I know I have to do and the confusion that follows.

The lyric video for “Post-it Notes” brings the song’s themes to life with an innovative and visually captivating approach. Utilizing 3D cameras, the video pans across various surfaces like table tops, corkboards, and mirrors, all adorned with vibrant post-it notes displaying the song’s lyrics. These post-it notes symbolize the reminders Audriix used to combat cognitive dissonance during her challenging times, effectively grounding the video’s visual theme in the song’s narrative.

In addition to the post-it notes, the video is peppered with Easter eggs that add layers of depth and personal significance. “I love how many neat Easter eggs this video has! There are so many. Of course, the actual Post-it notes visually fit perfectly the title of the song Post-it notes so this song lended itself perfectly to a lyric video. In addition, other Easter eggs include: Numerous wedding references since the song is about my engagement ending (ring, save the dates, dried roses which were part of the proposal). British flags (ex fiancĂ© was British). My ex worked for my brother’s videogame company “1047 Games” which is a line in the song accompanied by a videogame drawing in the video. End of verse two lines are all Hamilton references (my ex loved Hamilton) and we have a theatre ticket and popcorn during that part of the video. Airplane and paper airplanes to hint at when he got kicked out of the US back to the UK. Just numerous very very cool details and visually the whole video is incredible!” This attention to detail not only enhances the storytelling but also engages viewers on a more personal and interactive level.

For an artist like Audriix, professional lyric videos are an increasingly popular media alternative to traditional music videos. They offer a dynamic and engaging way to present a song, making it easier for fans to connect with the lyrics and the artist’s message. Lyric videos are particularly effective in catching the eye of new listeners and followers, serving as a visually appealing entry point that can spark interest and encourage further exploration of the artist’s music. Moreover, lyric videos are a cost-effective way to bring a song to life. They require less production time and resources compared to full-scale music videos, yet they can still deliver a powerful impact. This makes them an ideal choice for content creation, allowing artists to consistently engage their audience with fresh and visually stimulating content.

Audriix’s decision to release a lyric video for “Post-it Notes” is a testament to the medium’s effectiveness. She explains, “The song is called Post-it Notes so a lyric video couldn’t be more obvious and perfect to do. To have actual Post-it Notes animated for a video of that title is just a perfect fit.” This strategic choice not only aligns with the song’s theme but also maximizes its reach and resonance with both existing fans and potential new listeners.

As the singer prepares to open for Lindsey Stirling on the Duality Tour this summer, she will be releasing several more singles leading up to her album release. Stay connected with Audriix through her social media and music platforms for the latest updates:

Check out the lyric video for “Post-it Notes” on Audriix’s official YouTube channel here:

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