12 Oct 2021


  1. For the Fans!

The fans (new and old) want to be able to learn the lyrics and sing along! Without an official lyric video, viewers will have to search up the lyrics online or resort to alternative fan-made videos which risks them learning the wrong lyrics altogether. Having lyric videos as an option on your YouTube channel will keep the fans coming back for future songs. The more familiar the fans are to the songs, the more likely they will be able to sing along at live shows as well!

The lyrics in the music video for YNW Melly’s “Na Na Na Boo Boo are displayed in unique ways!

2. Shows Off the Quality of Your Lyricism!

All of those great metaphors, punchlines and word-play you spent hours creating has it’s moment to really shine! Lyric videos put these efforts on display and you’re able to use cool visuals to represent them. For instance, if you have a fun play on words about time, you can show a clock with fast spinning hands or an hourglass.

The lyric video for Statik Selektah’s “Time” feat. Jack Harlow is a great example of this!

3. For the BIG Feature Artists!

Do you have a big feature artist on your song? Getting them in a music video can be quite difficult and on top of that, very expensive. Using a lyric video, is way more economical, removing the hassle of a live shoot, location permits, scheduling and casting without coming across as a cheap alternative. When you hire the experts, you’ll be able to maintain a high quality production level without breaking the bank.

The lyric video for Yung Bleu’s “You’re Still Mines” featuring Drake was released during the pandemic so we got creative with the concept!

  1. Bring Those Abstract Concepts To Life!

    If your songs revolve around themes that are larger than life and difficult to portray in a music video such as a bank robbery or even going to the moon, you can easily showcase these concepts through an animation or a lyric video. Custom illustrations catered to your song will breathe life into your single and your music video. These images will be specific to you as an artist, your lyric video and are not available to be used by others in the future.

    The animated lyric video for Merkules & Kevin Gates’ “Apply Pressure is a great example of this!
  1. It’s FAST!

    The turn-around time on one of our lyric videos is fast! You can have a full professionally produced lyric video within 7 days of walking out of the studio with your new track! We are setup to create at the same pace you do when you’re recording new records. It’s fast and efficient for pre-release marketing as well! If you DO have a music video already scheduled for release, you can use a lyric video and make your song go viral before the official music video is even out! If you release a lyric video before the official music video, your fans will likely listen to it more than once which increases your view rating which bumps you up on those charts!

    The lyric video for Kash Doll’s “Like A Pro” featuring Juicy J was one of our favorites!

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