21 Feb 2023

10 Reasons a Cartoon Music Video is a Game Changer for Music Marketing

1. A cartoon music video allows for more creative and imaginative visuals, which can help capture the attention of viewers.


2. It can help convey the mood and message of the song in a more engaging and memorable way.

Statik Selektah – Time ft. Jack Harlow

3. Cartoon music videos can be easily shared on social media and other online platforms, increasing the reach and exposure of the artist and their music.

Paul Anka – “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” (feat. Olivia Newton-John)

4. The unique and memorable visuals can help the artist stand out from other artists and their music videos.

Jauz & Masked Wolf – Mercy

5. Cartoon music videos can be a fun and entertaining way to engage with fans and encourage them to share the video with their friends and followers.

Sosa Corleone ft JR007 – Paul Walker

6. The use of animation allows for more flexibility and control over the visuals, allowing the artist to fully realize their vision for the music video.

Morgan James – Back Door Santa

7. A cartoon music video can help to build and strengthen the artist’s brand and image.

VAVO, nicopop., ZOHARA – Why Do I?

8. It can also serve as a unique and memorable way to promote upcoming concerts and tours.

Count Pariah – Paranoia

9. The use of animation can also help to reduce the cost of producing a music video, making it a more affordable option for independent artists.

Yung Gravy & Dillon Francis – Whisk It Up (ft. Tommy Cash)

10. A cartoon music video can help to create a lasting impression on viewers and can help to increase the overall success of the music marketing campaign.

Superhero – Cameron Sacky Band

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